no more log in screen?

Idk how is everyone but i have lost my log in screen ( the screeen with id and pass) after the maintance. Really Lakoo. U make me wana quit
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    Ever since 1.10 version for andriod, all id screen gone...

    I also having this issue also. Now all my effect all gone to waste. Hope Lakoo do something to it.

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hello Clement & ChiTieu,

    Please forward the relevant information to We will check for you. You characters won't be gone. = =..

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    It says that it is a phishing site

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    Tell me about it, I wrote a message in-game to the GM and they basically said you can only have one account binded to the device. I was like WTF seriously what if you only carry one device around with you? Who the hell wants to carry iPhone, iPod, iPad around them 24/7???

    I have my phone with me all the time and having a login screen was useful. Seriously I don't see a purpose of restricting us to no login screen where as the china version has a login in screen.

    What if someone gets a hold of your phone, and messes with your account by accident like younger sibling and deletes your items? I know excately what Lakoo would reply with "Sorry, we do not offer item recovery, please be more careful" I'll be like this wouldnt happen if we're forced to enter a password at a LOGIN SCREEN.

    Anyways, I think you guys should reconsider allowing us to have login screen, I'd say it adds extra security to unwanted guests logging into you account.

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