Please Add a block list, sick of Spam!!!

Please make a block list, everyday general chat is spammed with such extreme chat. Everyday this dumb idiot will come into EO and cry one of his family members died... It is so sick!!! Ytd brother commit suicide today grandfather die... Lakoo please do some chat control.

I will start taking screen shot and submit them to Apple. It's so irritating reading the chats now... bloodly crap chat and now death crying.

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    Lee Cotterill

    Turn off your world chat if you ate so bothered by it. If its happening in empire chat, leave empire. The only issue is if someone is PM'ing, in which case a block chat would be nice to have. Stop playing the victim. Take steps yourself. Turn off world chat in settings, the issue of PM'ing is lakoo's problem to fix. Getting annoyed and having world chat open is yours. If you want to improve gameplay experience then join a better empire, if you get PM's because you're posting in world chat then do not post in world chat. It's such a small part of the game (wc is) so move on. The issue of blocking people is a legit problem the rest is your fault for being a victim when you don't have to be.

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    Sick of General Chat

    dude dun be stupig. dun post like u are a superhero holding the righteousness flag. if these chat dun annoy u, then u must be an idiot or u r the actual general chat role player.

    for f sake, i still want to trade and join instance, so the chat have to be on...

    and there r children playing the game and this type of conversation should be removed or control...

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    Isn't it funny? Watching those pathetic brats family member died is kinda fun.
    Oh well, please don't send it to apple. What we would do if apple blocked this app and further update is being halt because of that.
    ...even though it doesn't look like we will get any update soon btw.

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