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Who can front me a Rose Shield And Azrael rings Not begging but i need these things soon thanks Please dont post your negative bs here reply if you can if not please dont post up on here unless your a friend with positive things to say  PS I always pay back my debts Ask Via World Chat about me Sincerely Ya bOo Kush :D

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    I know a guy who is desperate for a rose shield. He sold every single stuff he could to buy one..and he is still half way through it.
    Unless this is a sarcastic post, I don't see any chance u could get those top notch items by something like this.

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    Brian Lakoo

    Yo Star Dude You seem like a decent person sometimes u seem like a fag no offense lmao but this post made me gain some respect cuz some people diss people for posting stuff like this  and yea people are GREEDY Some havent payed me back and i could be helping out my real friends right now if i had the money -_- But its all good im getting my $ Up And whoever your char is pm me :D I wanna know who this is maybe we could be good friends and ill help ya out when possible

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