How to calculate Melee% on Equipement

Hi everyone, I am using full avenger set until i finally hit 45 when i can switch to ire of abyss...

I have the stat req and a melee of 6225 with full Avenger (Under Adv Tab)

I happily put on my Ire and i get my melee up to 6240 only...

so consider i lose the 100x 2 head n chest suit bonus, the 30% boost on the ire only give so little..?

Can someone guide me how melee is calculate..?

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    ( ´Д`)y━・~~

    ((3*str+2*agi)+brave heart+melee equipment )*(%melee skills+%melee equipments)*(boxing skill)

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    al-razhid jainal

    if you have 6000melee then ur item give 30%,30% gives 300melee every 1000melee base,so 300x6=1800melee

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