My love should let you know!

Event Time:

2012/2/14 10:00 - 2012/2/17 16:00 (2012/2/13 18:00 - 2012/2/17  00:00 PST8)


Follow this post to post the words you want to say to your lover(character name) and make sure post your character name on the post. We will select some of you and reward you a "purple rose chest". We will do this everyday during the event time.

Thank you for your attending. The event is over now~!

Here are the rewarded players:

  210791 Yuki_Mei 55
  651646 Hanh2601 55
  287009 GodMage 55
  498893 Rhastar2 55
  605537 Xenji 55
  471058 PatZz 55
  654791 XDrag0n 55
  1123864 MrZenny 55
  34666 RyuFang 55
  613892 inOuEz 55
  396286 •Sky• 55
  913879 yanping 55
  294544 小蓉女 55
  861826 天帝Kush天帝 55
  686600 Mewwie 55
  870056 Alleluia 51

Don't forget to check your mailbox for the reward!

More events are comming soon. Enjoy!

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    Me : InOuEz .... To : Patz ..........

    If I've ever felt apart from the world...
    you brought me back

    If I've ever cried my eyes out...
    you've made them stop

    If I've felt fear has kidnapped my heart...
    you've rescued me

    If I've ever felt deep misery or loneliness in my eyes...
    you've filled them with hope and sincerity

    If I've ever run away from all that I was afraid of...
    you've showed that me I need to face them

    If I've ever hidden from the crazy side of my mind...
    you've showed me light

    If I've ever been torn or bent...
    you've straightened me out

    If I've lost pieces to my heart...
    afraid that they wouldn't be put back together...
    you've been there to show me it's never lost.

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    Charecter name : ErZa™
    Charecter name : NobitaZ™

    Now I know what love is - love is because of you.

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    Yin Nana

    ก้อย to IIKengII 

    "Thx EO, I met you here.
    You came into my life and we were falling in love each other.
    We played a lot of things together, we were fun, we smiled, we laughed even we failed. 
    Sometimes I felt mad and you really didn't know.
    after you took me to our speacial place in EO,
    you said sweet words, my mood became to be good! 

    I like when you hold my hand and tell many sweet things,
    we look into each other's eyes and kiss.... 
    ... i do love you, Keng ... "  

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    Character:LucasFTW Lover:Sarah270, i love you hun forever. No one shall tear us apart.

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    Yin Nana

    NaNaYin2 to Keng :: 
    when i tell you "i love you"
    i don't say it out of habit or to make conversation.
    i say it to remind you that you're the best thing that ever happened to me.
    .. i love you ..

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    me : inOuEz to my beloved : Patz ..........

    I'll be loving you
    No matter what we go through
    Come hail, sleet or snow
    I'm not letting you go
    Rich or poor, I guarantee
    You'll always have me
    Cause I'm so blessed to have you near
    Each day, month and year
    Only God above
    Could have given this love
    Though the toughest times
    You've proven your mine
    You're a wish come true
    Ooh, I love loving you.

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    From yanping to my loving Hisoka: my dear Hiso... I know we just know then less than a month. Its all started because the wedding event, but you have showed me we are more then just a two person trying to get the wedding gift event. You also knew that I have been hurt during the process of our newly wedd moments... Knowing you it's a happiest moments for the past two months in EO. I know I'm not perfect n I know you will make you fullest effort to makes me smile and I'm grateful I found you. Happy Valentine's Day my dear Hiso may our love will be perfect as it can be, you one n only dearest.... yanping

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    Char name $weetie to K3Hoshi:
    Loving you is easy cause your a nice guy, I never think that we can be more than just friend.... But we will always be best friend in EO cause I know you will be always be my Valentine

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    For Scoddo from your Valentine Dazzlin:
    Happy Valentine's day my dear Scoddo, I'm glad that you choose me to be your forever Valentine.... Many more Valentine ahead in the future for us

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    With lots of love from Pr3ciou$ to my one and only Alleluia:
    I shall remember the words we share, the laugh n the thrill we always have when we are together. And yes, I'll let you take my hand... We will walk hand in hand... Do all the quests n farming. With you I will never be bored or sad... Cause you are the nicest n loving guy I ever meet in EO. You made me feel precious as precious as my name. And Alleluia as we said when we feel grateful... As grateful as i am to have you. Let us cherish every moments we have together, I'll be your one n only love... You will be my one and only soul, because without the soul, love will never be bloom. Xoxoxo

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    Character Name: 小蓉女 Spouse> 小李飞刀
    My dear, we been through lots of ups and downs, esp these few yrs. Thanks for taking great care of me, for tolerating my bad pts as well haha. U are my best soul mate no matter in game or real life :D Let's us work much harder for our future ^^ Love you!!! MuAcK!!!

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    Ced Tan

    My name: beez

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    Ced Tan

    My name: beez / my gf name: spearga.
    As days goes by, my heart and soul flows with love,
    And I smile as I quietly reflect;
    I’ve been handed a sweet princess,
    A sweet princess to love and to protect.

    As months goes by, I would have to say you’re the best.
    If u r a sword den I'm ur shield, protecting u from all evils.
    Love u always n it shall be. Rose set not gonna beat us as we r the best.
    Urs truely, ur hubby bee bee.

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    Me : ErZa™ to My hubby : NobitaZ™ .......

    For you my heart sings sweetly
    Do come and lay by me
    The sand does part so neatly
    As we lay beside the sea.

    It's tune is of a sorrow
    That when you're gone will hold
    A saying it will borrow
    Nothing to stay that's gold.

    The lullaby my heart beats
    As i hold you in my arms
    While closing now our eyes meet
    The dark has got its charm.

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    My name: Huluhulu

    my Partner: Kiki_X                                 

    I whacked her with my rose.

    She blocked it with her nose.

    A love spark is created in the air.

    Then we became a pair.

    We sat together to watch the nightfall.

    Then we became the happiest of all.

    I hope we win the purple rose chest.

    Because I know KOS is the best.


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    No one⋆falls in  ℒove  by choice, it's by chance. 
    No one⋆stays in ℒove by chance, it's by work. 
    No one⋆falls out of ℒove by chance, it's by choice.

    A Marriage demands work..

    Let's work hard together& be happy!♡  o(≧▽≦)o

    from: Shawty to PatZz

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    Patz to inOuEz ....

    Lives are for living I live for you
    Dreams are for dreaming I dream for you
    Hearts are for beating mine beats for you
    Angels are for keeping. Can I keep you?

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    to Shawty

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    From PatZz ... To Shawty

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    Me : PatZz
    To : Shawty


    "I Love You"
    Want to know Why?
    Because you are my air,
    Without you there would be no me!

    "I Love You"
    Want to know when?
    Now and 1000 years after
    I’m gone!

    "I Love You"
    Want to know where?
    Here, there, everywhere,
    Even if I’m not there
    I will love you!

    I love you Shawty with all my heart!

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    Brian Lakoo

    From Me  天帝Kush天帝 : To [MÄGË] Her Character ID: 1339173  So id like to say wow A spouse that doesnt date me for the $ Although im very poor :) Thank you for being my spouse im not a big romantic guy and i have to much swag to post something out of line :D But ayy Good Looks For being my Valentine!!!

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    Ced Tan

    My name: beez / my angelic gf n spouse name: spearga
    Dar, my love for u is just like toast n kaya. Crunchy, sweet n tasty like our love life. The times I spend in eo is more den I spend at work or with friends as u are there. Nothing else makes me click other than chatting with u in eo. The love for u is so great that I couldnt live without u. Nights I spend at work I stayed online, munching my toast n kaya as I chat of loves with u. Now every night, I need my kaya on the toast as it reminds of the love I have for u.  Pls call me now as I spread my kaya on my toast so i know u love me too! Always loving u, ur honey bee.

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    XDrag0n (Dennis)

    Character name: Drag0nz  Spouse: Kate*★ *

    Thanks for being patient with me Kate :P  For all the jokes I've pulled it's a surprise you don't hate me yet ^_^

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    Chris Yeo

    Character name: Mewwie
    Spouse name: 佳儿

    Dearest 佳,

    Thanks for having me as your spouse. Its been an interesting year and I certainly hope it continues. Lots of love and for once its silver thats worth spending. =)

    Your hubs Mewwie

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    Charecter name : inOuEz ... My Spouse name : Patz ........

    his eyes like shining star
    make me stare at him,
    his smile like morning glory
    does something in me within,
    his everything reminds me of heaven above
    should I say now that I am in love?

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    Charecter name : ErZa™ .....
    Spouse name : NobitaZ™ .....

    He is the guy
    God sent from above
    I catch him with my eye
    Like a solid white dove
    He is the sweet to my heart
    The rainbow to my skittles
    The beat for my heart
    And the answer to my riddles
    He is the guy you want to know
    I want to give him my Love
    He acts like he is alone
    But I am always there for Him

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    Dearest Pr3ciou$, you make my heart beat faster and the sun shine brighter even when it is raining.  You truly are precious and I cherish the time I can spend with you.  May happiness always follow your footsteps and may I always be able to walk by your side.  ~~ Alleluia [ID 1468097]

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    Even though I am not able to say your name『春丽』(Player ID: 1221559) very easily, I can honestly say you are a really sweet person!  Thank you for being so nice; and I hope you had a great Valentine's Day and a wonderful event in the game!  Looking forward to another year on EO with you ~~ Alleluia [ID 870056]

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    PS I am not married to

    PS: Dear Kos, I am not married to XDrag0n (lol) but I think you should give him and Kate a reward.  The drawing he made for her is so romantic!  Also, hope you got Jasmine something nice for Valentine's Day. :)

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    Jrshun to ladies

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