How to get contribute points?

Hi, i have this mission from my empire that requires me to aquire 700 contribute points, but no matter how much i or my citizens contribute, the number of points doesn't change. Please help.

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    Permanently deleted user

    You need to contribute first..............Hmm, then relog into the game to check your contribute points. We hope this may help you.

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    you can use 

    contribute points to exchange for some rewards..................

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    XDrag0n (Dennis)

    You will need to contribute a minimum amount to gain contribution points.  If I remember correctly the contribution rates are as shown below...

    1 gold coin = 1 contribution point

    20 silver coins = 1 contribution point

    ? copper coins = 1 contribution point (I'll let you know how much copper it takes after I grind more of it but it's well over 1m copper)

    20 of one refined resource (Wood, Iron, Stone) = 1 contribution point

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