Yo Future UFC Flyweight Champ Here ^_^ lol Id like to say something :D


I have seen a Character Named Kos Ingame Is this you? Thank you for reading

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    Permanently deleted user

    It should be [GM]Kos in game. I am sure some of you saw me in game that time ...And reported me as a faker..... Thx

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    Lol, kos just wandering i got a kiss for the new year forum event but i thought the reward was 500gc +kiss.... i just got kiss. Is 500gc for better ideas?

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    Lee Cotterill

    just wondering who is going to be the first [GM]Kos copier to scam fellow empire online users. like i sent in game gm, having a GM character is retarded. too easy to use scripts to cheat other players. it is impossible to prevent this. also, i want to see Kos character try to lvl. have no advantages in the game, get to lvl 55, fully equip yourself (without lakoo help) and see how hard and expensive it is to be a solid empire online player. how much it could potentially cost you, or how much time you need to make gc. or the ever-so low odds to find good items in chests. just try it, lets see how you do when you have one character and it costs to skill your character and your multiple pets.

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