[EVENT] New Year New Suggestions!


Empire Online has been 1 year old now.

Thanks all for your support. Your suggestions and feedbacks have helped alot to improve our game.

A new round of suggestion event has come.

All suggestions about the game, our new forum and our service are included.

Here are the details:
1. Event time : 2012/1/12 10:00 - 2012/1/18 10:00(2012/1/11 18:00 - 2012/1/17 18:00 PST) 
2. Rules: Reply this post with your character name and the suggestions.
3. Rewards: If we accept your suggestions, we will tell you and reward your 500 gold coins.
                       All replied characters will be rewarded with a Kiss from Kos.

We hope you may like this event.


The event has end. We have given the kisses to most of the players. Still, if you didn't post the correct IGN, you may not get my kiss :).

Please tell us in game if  you haven't had the gift along with your forum ID, we will check for you.

The big rewards will be posted later. Please be patient.


Thanks for your support. ALL the suggestions are precious to us. Enjoy your game.

There will be more forum events coming.


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    Nick Thomson

    Character name: Blown14 hi lakoo my suggestion is to make the map bigger and add more area's to travel to and do more quest. Also the map in game at the moment for iPhone is missing names on certain points for the map points, making them unavailable to travel to, and I wish to be able to travel there. Please take in my suggestion.:) blown14

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    omg im in rush and didnt read it properly XD

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    Character: •\_• 


    -have an "item sort" option in the inventory  

    -"Buy back " option when selling items to npc's

    -able to customize  the UI so you can move icons to the side of the screen instead of having it on the bottom since sometimes most npc's tend to be o the bottom and you can't click on them sometimes. 

    -Silver to gold exchange

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    Crystal O'connor

    Character name: Kitten
    Suggestions: I suggest a rise in the level cap, alot of people have been lvl 55 for a long time now and I'm sure they would like to level up to a higher level so they can level up their skills more. Also I would suggest an Ignore list so that people can block players that annoy / Harrass them.

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    Name: Narigo
    Suggestion: easier way to get gold

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    "-.- Lock the forum please.

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    Chris Everett

    Character name: Hyjal

    I suggest a chat for friends, so friends wouldnt have to talk privatly, but talk over the friend chat. For an example someone could mash the "F" button, type something, and all his friends would see it in the friends window. Lets say someone has questions about how to play or build a wizard or warrior or ..., or if someone is looking for a certain item like reverse sword B, your friends that know you are more likely to help you out than the empire you just joined, or any random person in the world/area chat.
    I think it would defenently improve the social gameplay, and might start new friendships.

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    Character name: Lelou


    1. There should be an option where we can send mail to multiple recipients instead of just a single recipient only. An option for sending multiple items would be nice as well.

    2. There should be an option to "ignore" certain players for any type of reason.

    3. There should be an option to "sit and rest" in order to restore hp. I think this is reasonable for those who is unable to purchase a permanent refresher. For example, a tanker with 50k+ hp without a perma needs to consume a painful amount of hp pots --.

    4. New maps are greatly appreciated. Within a year, I am confident that most players had already explored the depths of EO. Raised level caps are nice, but not stimulating enough without new places to venture into,

    5. Like the description stated, fashion is what makes our character unique and allows us to express our individuality. It would be nice to see a new fashion issued every holiday such as Valentines, April Fools, Easters, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, July 4th, etc, etc.

    6. Would it be possible to expand the amount of players in a team? Currently, we are allowed only 5 players per team. However, in the trailer, I saw there was a 20 player battleground scene?? I think that would be wonderful if you actually followed through with this.

    7. Married couples need to have more benefits. Teleportation to your spouse is not enough. Perhaps some special effects when the two characters are standing next to each other or even buff effects would be nice. Half the time I am not even aware people are married unless I clicked on their profile.

    8. New background is great appreciated..especially the battle scenes ==.. When I youtubed EO, there seem to be alot of interesting background music that the game can include.

    9. There really need to be an option to change our character's hairstyle and facial looks. This just adds more to our individuality..

    10. This could be a potential idea for those who are too lazy to train pets..perhaps an npc where you can drop off your pet for it to train. Price can be based on the hours left with the npc. Ofcourse, the growth rare should not be as great as an actual character training his or her pet. This option is just for those who do not care so much about growth rates and just desired a trained pet in general.

    11. An option to delete all mail. I have so much expired mail that I am afraid to go in and click on each one to delete them.. If not, expired mail should be automatically removed after a certain period of time, let's say 90 days?Or even better, give us a filter system where we can actually search for the appropriate items in our mail. For example, if I wanted to retrieve my raistlin wand but I do not want to go through the trouble of clicking through every item in my expired mail, I could simply search for it by typing in the item's name.

    12. An option to search a friend's name on your buddy list. It is quite troubling to have to scroll down the entire list to find someone.

    13. War time should be 24/7. There shouldn't be any time restrictions.

    14. Element and curse hit gems are the only gems in the game that cannot be purchased. This is unfair to wizards T-T. Please make an option where these can be purchased via npcs.

    15. When we delete a character off of our buddy list, it switches back to the main screen afterwards. Is it possible to make it not exit the buddy list screen?

    16. Our own home. When there is simply nothing to do, we could just tend our crops in our farmland. Grow our own apples and springs instead of buying it from the npcs. (actually saw this from an EO trailer).

    17. New quests should award players gold instead of copper since gold is our main currency. Furthermore, if I am not mistaken, we would require gold to upgrade skills past level 14 in the future correct? If this is so, we need more options to earn gc, not just purchasing it like how we purchased silver.

    18. Players should be able to chat even after they press an action in battle. Sometimes a player would be speaking to me but I am unable to response because of the waiting screen. Also, I notice that if someone pms you during a battle, you are not able to pm them back until after thr battle is over. Maybe a reply option to the immediate pmer would be nice.

    That's all I have == thank you so much for reading.


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    character name: Yoosh
    •PVP tower
    •Trading items
    •Reset Lvl 55 to 1
    •Low drop rate
    •Event every weekend for silver coin ( less than 100 silver)
    •Fix war time
    •Increase Gold Coins on free gold.
    •Special Gift to newbie specialy whoever reach lvl 10.
    •Balance skill on wizard (Element, curse resist)
    •exp 1.3 when both Wife, Husband training together.
    •Decrease Copper 5% if lost in battle
    •Add more gems or increase dropping rate (+2 element hit, curse hit, 1% magic def, 1%range def, 1%melee def)
    •10000 silver to change class. (ex. kff to wiz)
    •Purchaser get special title.
    •Big boss on random place.
    •upgrade lvl 55 to lvl 60

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    Nick Thomson

    Blown14 again, maybe make a server were more advanced players who want to join have to pay alitttle each month like 500 silver. This server would be available to players over lvl40 to avoid noobs scamming and ruining world chat. Please make this idea happen cause it's awesome:)

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    Character name: nuc63
    (1) demand Trading market: when selling resources in demand section it should show highest price on top there is alot of people that flood with 7 demands in one category to hide higher prices demands.

    (2) receiving goods from demands in trading market. Instead of mailing items per sale allow the demanded to go to market and bulk pickup items bought.

    (3) demand market in trading post. When making a demand list the top 2 demands in market for the item.

    (3) trading post demand. Allow a demand without having the item, example I want iron so I input iron and it allows me to select iron from a list of iron like the search function in buy.

    (4) new pet fireball dragon. Talent Automatic skill breathes dragon fire over all enemies. Magic based pet.

    (5) pet skill. Heal all team hp

    (6) pet skill. Heal all team mp

    (7) pet skill. Increase team melee

    (8) pet. Arm a pet like you arm your character

    (9) daily monster. Hydraliren. Lvl 1-20 characters only drops a random resource, chest, temp mount after completing( allows lower levels to have own special missions)

    (10) more dailies. More big dailies with 20k exp and chests. Examp hydrodragon a head two arms and 3

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    Character Name" Mrbrowny

    Suggestion 1: World chat is a pain, it takes a couple of post for people to see your post as there is a lot of role-playing going around & in general socializing. To fix this I believe players should be able to create one chat room, where they can host or join chat room. The chat rooms would function just like the party system except in chat. 

    Suggestion 2: Forcing people into a player vs player match is very annoying when a player stops at a certain level, ie. wizards once they are able to use "doom sword" and continually attacks every possible moment. I believe once a player has forced 15 players (or a player cannot be forced 5 times a day) or some set number(s), they should lose the ability to force other players and require the other player's permission to fight. In the past week I've been in range of level 43 and I have been forced by a single player..the most in one day was about that point I went to "Nightmare Tower" (I believe that is the name, right beside Dragon Palace Daily) as I am able to train at a slow rate, but I don't need to worry about anyone harassing me constantly. I don't mind being forced everyone in a while, but it's annoying to see someone my level with gear that has been enhanced to the point where they can fight people 10 levels higher than themselves.


    *If only one suggestion may be entered, I would like to be entered Suggestion 2, but I would like both suggestions to be considered and the ideas listed above for trading & having the ability to choose the loot you would normally get but can skip the bag and go to delete if unwanted. Thank you.





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    Jason Creed

    •Name:lose I think there should be an option where you can exchange a certain amount of silver and copper for gold. People complain about gold so I think this feature will keep them of the dev's back for a while. [example: exchanging 200 silver and 6000 copper for 20 Gold.

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    Character name: Rafaelpr
    Suggestion:make a cloak for axe only and make more spaces for skills!!!!

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    OMGAWSH I didn't see the date >_______

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    Character name: WarBitch

    Suggestion: there is world, area, private, and empire chat my suggestion is to add group or party chat it's very usefull when pvp 5vs5 or sometimes I confuse when fighting boss, so there's will be no miscommunication like I'll rev or I'll silent

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    NAME: Blood62. You should make a good side and.bad side to choose frm and add new abilties for the sides chosen and make new type of special characyer for that side chosen.

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    Good to have another year. Celebrate it happy new year

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    andre coleman

    Character name:Cloud_s7
    Hi lakoo n great job firstly but a main issue in the game is force pvp there should be an option to manually approve or decline pvp just like the join or invite option ... I also think it would be great and fun if there were some sort of players arena in which people could gather on a map and fight each other ... There could also be an diff layout or stages to where certain lv players can and cannot enter sorta like the instance except if a level is too high they can/cannot enter ... That way its sorta fair amv fun ... Which can cause a lot of player interaction ... There could also be a special item or that can be given after wins that show some sorta proof (maybe a auto binding mission item ) and players could use these at the arena location to change In for prizes or whatever ... This could really boost the games pvp action and you guys could probably host a tournament or arena in each individual country ... Hunters vs hunters , warrior vs warrior , nordic vs nordic type players and also have a combined arena ... Lol I might sound Dumb for sayin but it would really give a player a certain pride of nationality (games nationality of course lol ) because there is no real sense of picking a country other then stat or skill improvements so that way it could bring the gaming community closer in a way lol ... But the pvp system is the one thing that sets this game away from others and there could also be a pet battle deal goin on as well ... But if anything I'm sure you guys can make it happen

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    Okay time for some serious suggestions. (i can guarantee you will like at least one of these), please forgive the long list and poor spelling:


    Ability to rearrange bag:the ability to arrange ones bag is important in making an easy to use inventory function. this game bars the user from organizing there bag and forces them to accept an untidy and haphazardly place storage. this does little to help one sort through what is important and what is trash in there bag and only causes the user grief. i suggest that we be given the ability to move around the item into blank spots in our inventory and swap an item's spot with another by draging it over that item.this would help create a more pleasing experience for the player and give greater satisfaction.

    Ability to choose what drops you want: this has been suggested many times over but im trying to suggest what i think would be the best way to add this so it functions properly. a bar that asks you which items you wish to collect from battle would be laggy and slow down grinding and the game in general, however a tab in the settings menu would provide an easy and comfortable way to filter without troubles of lag. the best setting to add to this function would be "all" which would collect all items and copper, "quest only" which would ony accept quest items and copper, and "copper only" which would obviously only give you the money from the fight.

    Market chat: this would allow "Hardcore" and high paying players an area to sell there good without worrying about spamming "rpers" (trolls) that they hate so much.

    Buff cap adjustment: I think that buffs cast in the same turn should not be able to be bumped off in that turn due to the three buff limit, but only three should be transfered to the next turn.

    Hide mount: this would be a nice and simple addition that would allow a person to hide there mount while still keeping its abilities. (not everyone likes riding around on mounts, it makes alot of clutter) it would also allow some more advanced emotes to take place.

    Maid lv 5 talent: the maids talent is rendered near useless but could easily be improved as of now but could easily be fixed by either having the invincibility come second to the chaos immunity and/or by stopping the +2000 melee from being attached to invincibility.



    One thing this game has a severe lack of is social activities for the players, is it any suprise that an origionaly congenial group of people who started this game have become violent  and beligerent group when the only stuff to do once one has reached lv55 is too kill and kill some more? While helping groups to socialize doesnt alone create more money for a company, keeping them happy and playing longer does, that and all those pesky freeloading rpers might start paying you if you give them the ability to increase there socializing fun through fashion and emoticons.

    Purchasable perm fashion: the fashion is anything but a bad idea, unfortunately few people keep buying it once they realize that it only lasts a short period and has small benifits if any. You can remedy this by having players pay a sizable ammount of silver (anywhere for 1500-3000 silver) for a perm version of there favorite suit from the fashion store. this will attract both veterens and new players alike to buy these fashions so they can look however they choose regardless of what armor they wear underneath. This is often a VERY succesful tactic used to rake in cash and appease players in games. As time goes on I wouldn't be suprised if you start getting ideas to release even more kinds of fashion to the market due to the demand for these clothes (just think about how much people obsess about ever victorious suit and super king suit) i would also like to point out that some fashions should still be left to be rare items that can only be found in chests (such as super king suit *twinkle*) I could easily see this as a very advantagous and lucritive idea with resources that you already have at your disposal (u just have to make them permanent)

    face emoticons: as im sure u know, the game allows the players to add smilies to their chat, and while this is fine and good for a while it isn't realy enough. Most games allow there chat too use both smilelys and expresion emotes. This allows the gamer to not only interact with others via text, but also through there character (in a non killing fashions). The most famous kind of action emote in sprite games is a simple face emote that changes a charcters facial expression for a feew moments before returning to normal. this is because it is INCREDIBLY easy to create (the few pixels needed to make a face to overlap over the base expresion is not very difficult to make) and it has a huge effect on the enjoyment of the players ingame. I personaly would give players a few free basic emotes to start with (happy, sad, angry, ect), but then charge them silver to buy more facial expression (either have the expressions they buy be either permenant or last about a month- 3 months). These emotes would be best used to replace the current area were u store the chat smilelys (most people use the emogi app which has a better smilely list anyways), this would even allow people to make thes faces in battle if imbued into the chat bar. This would be another thing that players (especialy rpers who never would pay previously) would be willing to buy tons of and it would costonly minimal effort to make AND it would make the game more fun thus increasing customer satisfaction (its a proven goldmine, just look up other mmo's that use this idea, maplestory being the most famous). Some emotes that would be popular would be facial expressions similar to :P     D:      ^_^       ._.     >:D     O.O     :)      :(      >:(   and also a clever smirk and if u wanna branch out have an emote were sunglasses suddenly appear on ur character to make him seem "cool"

    action emote: Unlike face emotes, these are a bit more difficult, these would basicly be more advanced emotes. simple ideas for this  that would be no problem would be to have emotes like hearts fluttering out of a person, or a small firework, or something else along those lines. more advanced versions would be to raise a characters arms in an effort to cheer, punch or point. in such cases the equiped item would be invisible. lastly, truely advanced emotes could be added (such as a dance) but at this point it becomes questionable whether or not its realy worth it for a sprite game. You would have to make sure that these emotes would only be usable if a person hid ther mount or unequiped it entiely. also these emotes wouldn't be usable in battle. just as with the facial expresion emotes these would be purchasable with silver, they would last about the same time but cost more to buy.

    Festive items: these items would be usable in battle n would have festival effects like showering the enemy, or allies (or both) in a quick animation of HARMLESS confetti or fireworks. it would have no effect (or it could be a potion if u want) but its main goal is simply cosmetic, to give battles a lil more sense of fun.

    House: a personal house (or room) with repair, storage access, access to your empires item, weapon, and armor shop would be a nice touch, also the ability to regen full hp n  mp by sleeping would be nice. (it would be cool  to be able to invite people int ur house too if it is able to be cusomized)

    funiture: this can be mixed with the house idea to create a fun cusomizable and interactive enviorment, or it could take the form of items and be taken out on a whim to preform a particularly unique emote, (a bed would make it look like ur sleeping and possibly regen u) a chair would make it look as if ur sitting (recycle the sitting on mount animation), n a pool would have you in the middle (head only above water) in a tiny mini pool. these would definitely atract the massive hoards of rpers to actualy start playing (and paying) for the game and would be a fun thing for all players to have.

    pet fusion:  I saw this in one of your chinese trailers but i dont know if u guys have scrapped this idea or not, it certainly sounds like a good idea. (srry if im spoiling this but you guys "did" put it out on youtube (I love the idea of a maid with a sythe, if this isnt the result of fusion then you should definitely give one of the classes of maids sythes)





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    Tricia - suggestion- my request, please can we have in-game notification for our friends list? One that is like the notification that a general or emperor is online.. Thanks for your consideration ^^

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    Clint LaRue

    Player name: Fiory. Team chat for iPhone. It can be confusing communicating with team in area chat

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    character name: ☁Toto☁
    create some epic item that drop from monster in epic drop rate it is a chance to get some gc for someone who don't have

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    Sebastian kremer

    Ign: Sebbel
    Suggestion: A Daily Pvp Arena!
    Each day u have one try to win in th arena.
    If u win u get a special reward like a rare chest or some gc. The arenas will be sorted by levels.

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    Character Name: Rygart

    Suggestion: 1. Give the character the ablity to dual spec into differnt styles. 2. Give us more bag slots to use. 3. Implement character modification, such as changing skin colors, hair styles. 4. Instead of using a slider to change quantity of purchases, allow for data input. 4. Customize the mounts with fashion. 5. App notification for events in game, such as notification for empire war, or event start.

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    Character name: Claude-

    1. Please allow pets to get exp rewards from quests.

    2. Add permanent versions of Nine Dragons fashion NPC's time limit fashion items. Add stats or armor to fashion items, or just allow players to socket them. They will be more useful this way.

    3. Add more capes. Currently capes are only available to lv55 players. I think you should add common/valuable/rare grade capes for lower levels.

    4. Add more gem types, maybe attack speed gem, critical hit gem, or dodge gem.

    5. Add a feature to unbind bound items.

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    Chun Delgado

    Character name : shuya /add a new class of character ? Like a dual gunner ^_^

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    ^ Character name: RyuFang


    cant believe i forgot to add that

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    Apinan.p | ToR

    Character Name: Asakura™

    Suggestion:  Master and disciple system.

    Master can receive disciple 5 person and share exp, copper to disciple,

    then master can receive achievement or contribution point (if disciple online in guild).

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