[EVENT] New Year New Suggestions!


Empire Online has been 1 year old now.

Thanks all for your support. Your suggestions and feedbacks have helped alot to improve our game.

A new round of suggestion event has come.

All suggestions about the game, our new forum and our service are included.

Here are the details:
1. Event time : 2012/1/12 10:00 - 2012/1/18 10:00(2012/1/11 18:00 - 2012/1/17 18:00 PST) 
2. Rules: Reply this post with your character name and the suggestions.
3. Rewards: If we accept your suggestions, we will tell you and reward your 500 gold coins.
                       All replied characters will be rewarded with a Kiss from Kos.

We hope you may like this event.


The event has end. We have given the kisses to most of the players. Still, if you didn't post the correct IGN, you may not get my kiss :).

Please tell us in game if  you haven't had the gift along with your forum ID, we will check for you.

The big rewards will be posted later. Please be patient.


Thanks for your support. ALL the suggestions are precious to us. Enjoy your game.

There will be more forum events coming.


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    Edward King

    Character name: LWIZL (my main character has iphone smilies so no kiss for him:()


    since it's almost Chinese new year, why not do something similar in-game? like maybe....fight the dancing lions rampaging around chinatown, or help the Chinese martial artists in shaolin temple with food delivery and fighting off the metal dummies gone berserk at the shaolin temple.

    Rewards could be :

    a red envelope containing random Chinese new year themed items such as a lucky rabbit pet, or maybe since it's the year of the dragon, a dragon pet and also maybe zodiac pets too. Or food items that increase stats such as chicken (+strength) , fish (+dexterity) , niangao (+agility) , jau gok (+intelligence), mandarin oranges (+will) and lucky sweets (+dodge or/and +critical hit)

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    Username is €Waddle you Know how people get bored once they reach lvl 55....well I think you should make it like call of duty once you reach lvl55 you can chose to prestige and each time you prestige you become a little stronger and once your reach the highest prestige you get special prize or something like that :)

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    Character Name" Mrbrowny

    Suggestion 1: World chat is a pain, it takes a couple of post for people to see your post as there is a lot of role-playing going around & in general socializing. To fix this I believe players should be able to create one chat room, where they can host or join chat room. The chat rooms would function just like the party system except in chat. 

    Suggestion 2: Forcing people into a player vs player match is very annoying when a player stops at a certain level, ie. wizards once they are able to use "doom sword" and continually attacks every possible moment. I believe once a player has forced 15 players (or a player cannot be forced 5 times a day) or some set number(s), they should lose the ability to force other players and require the other player's permission to fight. In the past week I've been in range of level 43 and I have been forced by a single player..the most in one day was about that point I went to "Nightmare Tower" (I believe that is the name, right beside Dragon Palace Daily) as I am able to train at a slow rate, but I don't need to worry about anyone harassing me constantly. I don't mind being forced everyone in a while, but it's annoying to see someone my level with gear that has been enhanced to the point where they can fight people 10 levels higher than themselves.


    *If only one suggestion may be entered, I would like to be entered Suggestion 2, but I would like both suggestions to be considered and the ideas listed above for trading & having the ability to choose the loot you would normally get but can skip the bag and go to delete if unwanted. Thank you.





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    In game name xdukex
    A trade chat channel and person to person item trading

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    Jillzy z

    Character: jillsy

    Suggestion; take off all your clothes and run through the office naked right now!

    Thats so worth 500gc ;)

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    Character Name: deltav

    make Element Hit gem available in shop

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    XDrag0n (Dennis)

    Character name: Drag0nz

    Suggestion: Add 2x and 1.6x exp scrolls (1 hour) for pets

  • 0

    Name: BearTank

    With the lv60 cap out soon, I would love to suggest for the skill cap for both players and pets to be raised by one. Meaning if you can only learn 14 skills now, with lv60 cap, you can learn 15 skills maximum. This is because alot of pets for example are precious or rare grades and once they hit lv55, people realise they stil have spare sp leftover due to the fact that there is a skill cap in place preventing them to max out their pets sp, making training rather useless. I feel that only epic grade pets can fully max out the sp given currently and it makes it rather unfair if someone was to train a pet that has no other grades such as panda, azrael or even ryouga to lv60 only to find they have 4000 plus sp leftover.


    Hope I can get a new skill slot for my azrael pets cause I have a few waiting to be trained to 60 once the patch comes out 

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    I suggest this game creat new character class...n i sugest to have assasin or rouge..;)

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    Character name: Defencix

    I have one simple request now i just noticed; can you get a way to do private chat to someone while ur in battle and havent selected him yet as ur private chat receiver. Cuz sometimes when im in battle i have to reply in worldchat that i cant private because im in battle, i think thats anoying, and its makes world chat full of spam sometimes :/


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    Character name: Flashh

    (again :p )

    Just thought of a better inspect function of team members and foes in battle. I would like a way to see more detailed stat changes in battle.

    if you inspect a person in battle now all you see is 'down' or such things. Id like to see what exactly has been downed (like speed - 150, of melee defence downed by 1100 or something like that) It would let people know what the oppenent did to them :)

    Personally i think this i smy best idea :D

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    Andari Reksi

    Character name: Rekshi


    1. Have other log-in pictures instead of the same's not a big deal, but for new players, it might get boring to see the same pictures every time! It's better if Lakoo could randomly change the pictures, though

    2. Make a special announcement/short guides (just like the announcement that appears every time we start to play the game) for newbies (characters whose levels are below 12). These people clearly need guidance from Lakoo for basic things, such as "where to repair my weapon?". These special announcement only appear to the newbies when they're online. Another way would be to give them scroll via system mail, so when they tap on it, they will see the newbie guides.

    3. Make daily event for low levels (like Titan or God Dog, but for people below level 20s) that could be done SOLO. These low levels really need reason why they should keep playing this game for a long time (newbies tend to be bored/annoyed once they found hardships), and by offering them daily challenges (that helps them level up) is a good way to make them attached to Empire Online 

    4. Random reward for characters who frequently online! (please please please make this true haha)

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    Character Name: Rygart

    Suggestion: 1. Give the character the ablity to dual spec into differnt styles. 2. Give us more bag slots to use. 3. Implement character modification, such as changing skin colors, hair styles. 4. Instead of using a slider to change quantity of purchases, allow for data input. 4. Customize the mounts with fashion. 5. App notification for events in game, such as notification for empire war, or event start.

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    Character name: Yeons

    (1) it would be nice if we can lock some items in the bag. In current system we can accidently sell out or drop items that we want to keep. (emptying a bag is a chore and when we do it mindlessly, it happens sometimes) A simple 'lock' system should be enough. Just put a lock button (like 'bind' button) and once an item is locked it cannot be sold or dropped, with a little x mark at a corner. It should be easy to lock or unlock an item, but this one easy click will help prevent little accidents.

    (2) the 'use' button for a chest should be located somewhere else. Now the use button of a chest and the 'equip' button for an item are located at the same spot. If we accidently click the use button twice(when there's only one chest), then the item from the chest is equipped. This can be very annoying, we may have to go through tedious process to equip the old item again (like learning skills, use potions to meet the requirements) or we may accidently sell out our old precious(!!) items. I've done these mistakes and it's very frustrating. Now i'm being extra cautious when using a chest. It's little stressful. But there is a better, easier way to prevent this accident. Just put the use button for a chest somewhereelse where there is no other button for other items!!

    (3) A party chat would be nice. We have world, empire, area, private chat. When we need to communicate within our party(team) we've been using area chat. But when there are many other teams in the same area, it's hard to catch our team members' message. It'd be nice to have a party(team) chat!!

    Thanks! Happy new year :)

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    Name: 无忌

    Would hope to see lakoo implement team chat option. This would make it easier for team to communicate among themelves during instances and war.

    In addition lakoo could also implement the option whereby we could select players from our friend list for group chats. This would facilitate discussions making chats more organized and with less disruptions,

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    Edison Lee

    Character Name: Hahihuhe

    Suggestion: Please add skill shortcuts for pets. I Beg YOU D; 

  • 0

    Character name: Fishaher

    Suggestion: can lakoo add service to let player rent their character. Other player can spend copper/ silver/ gold to get high level service when they are offline. Of course, player that put in the rent service will auto act because they are offline.

  • 0

    Character: ErHoi

    Suggestion: can add gem that give curse effect like down, poison and other magic effect. All skill effect can be obtain through weapon

  • 0

    Make crafting sistem like in TF2 (Team Fortress 2) you could combine items and get better then both of them equiped atbsame time :P IGN: Andriux

  • 0

    RyuFang (again) :oh im srry for this but i felt its needed. I think shamans should be able to learn himura kenru's skill as ALMOST all shamans wield melee weapons. this is ur decision of course but i felt i needed to share my thoughts on it

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    Zach Fluetsch

    Character Name: Detrix

    Suggestions: 1)Provide an exchange from copper to gold. i.e 500,000copper per 1 gold coin. 2)Ability to buy an unbinding scroll to unbind equips and pets 3)Creat wild carrier bags where a player can get more space to put stuff in without opening other storage areas. Each wild carrier bag could hold 5-10 other equips or such. 4)If possible provide a landscape version? Idk just me thinking (^.^) 5)Provide a "Shout" button in chat where a characters words can be seen in game play?

    Haha sorry just me thinking! I love Empire Online, its one of my goto apps when im not busy or am busy but boredish lol

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    Character name: BIGGWANG
    SUGGESTION: make it so we can set quest xp to go to pets instead of character. Also make it do that we enter emoticons on the forum like I have in most of my characters name...

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    Lee Cotterill

    there's two pages so here is an attempt not to repeat:

    1. obviously players want a pvp'ing arena and a trading system. Easily done, charge a base fee of silver per transaction or sell multiple transactions for a slightly reduced fee. pvp'ing arena can follow same concept, pay to fight, rewards to top montly winner based on a percentage of the fee charged to that month (say 1%).

    2. creation of two new classes. Hunters, should be able to tech off to becomes thiefs (included new weapons: daggers), while wizards should be broken off to either wizards (ele bonus) or socerer (curse bonus) to starting classes.

    3. blowpipes need to be a relevant weapon, at the moment they are laughable and have no real equipment to maximize their use (no cape, specific equipment and surifen is not optimal)

    4. ryouga needs to be tweaked. it has 90 base phit and an skill that requires 150mp melee (use to be 50mp). Either change its base phit to 275 or change auto to assist. ryouga already very rare, was suppose to be a great pet and has just been cut down massively.

    5. people should not be allowed to post more than 10 things at once on tp per character, its a mess of people asking 125million gold for 99 lvl4 rubble. it's just spam.

    6. character names. two massive problems, first people are able to copy names of other people by using special fonts (leads to scamming) and those who have been inactive for 8 months should have their names recycled. Emails can be sent to their account to remind them, but after 8 months of inactivity their names can be put back into the system. (Same can be said for the numerous empires which are inactive and irrelevant) ... or those characters who wish to change their name can pay a one time fee to change their name. If someone entered a name 8-9 months ago, perhaps they do not want the same name (this can be confussing for scammers, but its a one time deal).

    7. lastly, emperor's of top 10 ranked empires should be given a special suit to symbolize status. same can be said of those who are ranked highly in contribution points or honor or pvp wins. a special suit shows status and power and is something of worth to top players. items are taken away once emperor is changed or a character drops out of the top 10.



  • 0
    Lee Cotterill

    haha one more, sorry.   8. a block button would be nice. it would prevent harassment and simple blocks one's ability to see chat from a certain player.    and please can we stop the ability to pvp in pt. it should be peaceful place :)


  • 0
    - Kai Hock -

    IGN: Kaihock

    Suggestion: Grinding / Farming Friendly Setup

    * Option to switch off animation totally (Thunderbolt still has some)

    * Option to switch off "You Win" message (Grinders have already make sure they can 1-hit)

    * Option to only keep wood/rubble/iron res and drop all the rest of the items

    * Option to have a default skill for character and pet when entering battle.

            (e.g. I will always use Thunderbolt but I have to click on my Shortcut Key and the first mob)

            (e.g. I am levelling my pet and it is always defending)

    I strongly believe these implementations can significantly cut down grinding and farming time.


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    Quek Kay Hng

    Character Name: Kayhng

    Suggesion: Mailing System

    Firstly, I like the NEW MAIL counter! thanks!!

    1. Allow a drop down box of the other 3 characters in the same account OR 5 favourite players. It saves time to type in the name of my other characters.

    2. Decline Item and Expired Item should show the item name, just like the Purchased Item.

    3. "Returned Mail" should be renamed as "Returned / Purchase Mail"

    4. set up a "ACCEPT ALL" button so that all purchases are stored into the Bag, up to the maximum Bag capacity

    5. have a "DELETE ALL" button so that all mails without attachment are deleted

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    Tse Wern Wang

    In the game, I am Tsewern

    I would like to suggest that...

    When my bag is full, it should show a BAG full message just like the Pet Hungry or Equip Damage icons. In this way, I do not have to go through a battle, win it and get nothing.

  • 0
    Yi Xuan Quek

    IGN: Yixuan

    1. When I buy and consign my own items on TP, I have to check on the price of an item on BUY, then go to CONSIGNMENT to set the price.

    Solution: When I click on an item in CONSIGMENT, it shows the details of the item. This is not useful information to me since I already know what is it most of the time. So, how about showing the prices of the same item on BUY instead?

    1. When I demand and supply items on TP, again, I have to cross check what are the SUPPLY pricing and then go the DEMAND to fix the pricing.

    Solution: When I click on an item in DEMAND, it shows the prices of the same item on SUPPLY.

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    Character Name: ShOoOoT


    1). A Role playing report button. expand chat, select on player name, click report RP. for better gaming environment.

    2). rate conversion for different currency. gold coins are running low thanks to lakoo's rain of drops in events. conversion rate would be good to balance up the economy back. at least copper will be more useful.

    3). 24 hour war system to balance up fairness in the game.

    4). new unique rewards using contribution points to exchange since lakoo spoiled the market dropping yellow flash chasers and other empire exchange mounts etc.

    5). new reward exchange with battle badges since lakoo spoiled market for red hare.

    6). stop spoiling the market. thank you

    7). no more problems with apple purchases please. do not violate apple terms and conditions anymore

    8). if lakoo were to seriously look into our comments over here. i hope so. will appreciate.

    9). make copper more useful please. thank you. its not always cash that matters.

    10). sorry if most of them sound like comments.

    11). we appreciate no more template replies like: we would suggest you to communicate with other players and make more friends...ETC, come on, most of us are almost 1 year old into this game. such template replies are an insult to us.

    12). hope everything would be better, hope i will be able to endure to my 2nd birthday in EO. good luck all and happy new year.



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    Chara name : •Satoru•

    Suggestion :
    1. New cape, and available for all level
    2. New hairstyle please! Eventough we wear helm or etc sometime I've got mistaken recognize my friend when we are doing team.
    3. New class for Atlantis and Maya :)
    4. New powerful set! Not only surifen, grim, dark moon etc
    5. Please add psycal hit in status poin, mybe increase dex could make psy hit poin higher.
    6. Unlock lv 60
    7. Can move item to another empty slot in bag. I just sold my mission item to npc T_T I think it was broken equipment from bandits.
    8. Could every item has specific picture when those are still in icon form?
    9. Item trade available with mail
    10. And could send many item in once with
    11. Barber npc? Could change hair color, style, eyes, suit etc :)
    12. Could type huge number than 1 m in mail mybe
    13. How about added profil for user in every char like photo or real name and quote?
    14. Please new app for gold. After Santa it so hard to find gold :(
    15. Pet or mount can be socketed~

    I guess thats all :)

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