[EVENT] New Year New Suggestions!


Empire Online has been 1 year old now.

Thanks all for your support. Your suggestions and feedbacks have helped alot to improve our game.

A new round of suggestion event has come.

All suggestions about the game, our new forum and our service are included.

Here are the details:
1. Event time : 2012/1/12 10:00 - 2012/1/18 10:00(2012/1/11 18:00 - 2012/1/17 18:00 PST) 
2. Rules: Reply this post with your character name and the suggestions.
3. Rewards: If we accept your suggestions, we will tell you and reward your 500 gold coins.
                       All replied characters will be rewarded with a Kiss from Kos.

We hope you may like this event.


The event has end. We have given the kisses to most of the players. Still, if you didn't post the correct IGN, you may not get my kiss :).

Please tell us in game if  you haven't had the gift along with your forum ID, we will check for you.

The big rewards will be posted later. Please be patient.


Thanks for your support. ALL the suggestions are precious to us. Enjoy your game.

There will be more forum events coming.


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    Panda Koh

    Character : PandaE
    Suggestion : Update EO Lakoo wiki web site for all classes and max level skills. Many players have waste silver to trial and error on the skills learnt and maxed. Would be useful if players know what they would be getting when they maxed a certain skill. We are willing to pay silver for the skills, but don't wish for it to come to a waste. However if no silver is required to learn and max a skill, it would be perfect!! :)

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    Character : 地域死神

    Currently the cloak in-game show the local time of the region the player is in. I hope Lakoo could implement a standardised cloak in game across all region. This would be extremely useful for players to organise teams for instances, wars or other quests using the cloak instead of having to say "let meet in xxx hours, etc". In addition, all events, maintenance and update should be based on this standardised cloak/time so as to avoid any misunstanding to when the events, maintenance and updates will start and end.

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    I think it would be great to see a pet skill that would boost element hit. Pets now are able to use "mana burning" which bolsters your curse hit, I would like to see one that does te same for element hit( not just the gold Merfolks talent skill)
    Thank you very much for reading!
    Happy new year

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    Ryan Arthur

    Would love to see some curse hit cloaks in the future!^^
    Happy new year!

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    Name: ✨frost✨
    It would be sweet to see another teir or grade of equipment. Some epic items can't even be sold for 1gc while others top the trade post @ 10k gcs. These high priced epic items should be in a class all of their own. Call it "fabled" or "ancient" or "mythic" or whatever adjective deemed suitable to describe these incredibly powerful and scarce items. Ty much!

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    Character name: Vivi-09
    Suggestion: Make some new areas for people to train or able to gain new items.

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    Character name: bzik

    Suggestion: Add Pvp  for Gold and Cropper!

    Win Pvp = Win Gold or Cropper!

    Add New Option Items Reflect 

    You beat and to it the loss of % is reflected

    Add  new Items for 2 socket

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    Character name: Yuki_Mei
    Suggestion: let us have different hair style. Let us choose it. Everyone looks the same. We all want to look different and unique. This game should also have a system that allows us to wager stuff when we pvp. Or have a side mini game that will let us earn or double our income(gc, copper, and silver that's wagered).

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    Character name: Xnion
    my suggestion: so that bags dont get full too fast players can choose what items the whant to pick from from what defeated monsters have droped. (its also more realistic ;))

    for fast skilling iin the institute players should have the option to go straight to the level they whana skill to ( for exsample lv1-15 instead of lv1-2-3-4-5-6....15) like buying items in shops you can straight buy 99 items.

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    Character Name: FirePetW

    Suggestion: A Cloak designed for Shaman, particularly Blowpipe Shaman. It would have Ranged increase and Blowpipe % increase. Other gear for Pipe Shaman would be good too, as having to wear Suri gear doesnt feel right, as its made for Hunters.

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    Character name=€Waddle add good axe armor at lvl 45 so that people don't have to wait for lvl 55 so they can upgrade their armor :)

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    character name: Yoosh
    •PVP tower
    •Trading items
    •Reset Lvl 55 to 1
    •Low drop rate
    •Event every weekend for silver coin ( less than 100 silver)
    •Fix war time
    •Increase Gold Coins on free gold.
    •Special Gift to newbie specialy whoever reach lvl 10.
    •Balance skill on wizard (Element, curse resist)
    •exp 1.3 when both Wife, Husband training together.
    •Decrease Copper 5% if lost in battle
    •Add more gems or increase dropping rate (+2 element hit, curse hit, 1% magic def, 1%range def, 1%melee def)
    •10000 silver to change class. (ex. kff to wiz)
    •Purchaser get special title.
    •Big boss on random place.
    •upgrade lvl 55 to lvl 60

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    Character Name: Silvance

    Suggestion: Add a tower or dungeon that is like 150+ floors so you can team with friends and do challenging quests there and bosses have rewards like 55 chests 50 chests or something.

    add a room system in empire that you can decorate and the items can give small boosts like 1.1 exp or copper +10%

    add scrolls in online shop to unbind items.

    Add a new class like druid that can transform into different beast forms to raise different stats, witch doctor who can use potions to poison enemies or silence or chaos.

    add a dye system so you can change color of your gear or cloaks or mounts.

    add a rename scroll for your character in case you want to change name (it shouldnt be a problem with the player ID thing now)

    new trade system like you can send trade request thru the search option in view. Search>View>Trade rquest brings up a screen and both players have to hit accept before trade completed.

    add option to be able to equp two different one handed swords instead of it being one dual swords

    also great job lakoo and thank you ive had a lot of fun playing this game this past year my only problem is the recent silver bug ive had to contact itunes support 5+ times now.




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    NAME: Blood62. You should make a good side and.bad side to choose frm and add new abilties for the sides chosen and make new type of special characyer for that side chosen.

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    Hi kos..i would like to sugest my last idea on previous sugestion idea is to improve kff eqpment..i sugest kff weapon can be created on this improve bare hand skill..weapon like knuckle are the other games apply for off hand because kff hit to low..and kff dont have hit pasive the weapon effect are more depanding on pysical hit apply..hope my sugest will acepted..

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    Hi kos..i would like to sugest my last idea on previous sugestion idea is to improve kff eqpment..i sugest kff weapon can be created on this improve bare hand skill..weapon like knuckle are the other games apply for off hand because kff hit to low..and kff dont have hit pasive the weapon effect are more depanding on pysical hit apply..hope my sugest will acepted..

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    Hi kos..i got another sugestion..about topap system for case of that my silver puchase canot be done..and for other device user also..i sugest this game can be topap n donate from other money trade like mol case of topap use credit card may be hard for children that play this game..i hope this can help you to gain income n help ppl to do tpap n donate..the best i think is mol point..coz it world wide..thanks..;)

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    Character name: Claude-

    HI, i have another suggestion. Please disable automatic forum subscription. I forgot to unsubscribe this thread after i made my first post here, and now my email is stormed with so many lakoo emails :(

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    Character Name: 東方不敗


    1. Create a new daily mission for wiz class. Its difficult for a wiz to join team to do daily dog god. :(

    2. I dont know if this can work or not, but it would be nice if we can customize our ow weapon. Maybe there is a weapon shop that can combine two weapon together and create a new weapon? The new weapon will not only combine the old function but also have enhanced feature. Thats mean everyone can make weapon according to their own need. Of course, we need to pay for this feature and thats mean EO make more money.

    3. Another idea would be create a unique skill for specific weapon. For example, ,if you have Master's Perdition Axe, u can learn a "Master Perdition Strike" lol. That would be fun! 

    4. More new suit, especially Lv50 + epic necklace. Need more choice on necklace, earring, and rings.


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    Crystal O'connor

    Character name: Kitten
    Suggestions: I suggest a rise in the level cap, alot of people have been lvl 55 for a long time now and I'm sure they would like to level up to a higher level so they can level up their skills more. Also I would suggest an Ignore list so that people can block players that annoy / Harrass them.

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    Character name: Flashh

    I posted my first post before the start of the event, so i'm not sure if my post will be read by lakoo, to be sure i joined the event i feel myself a bit (sadly enough) obligated to repost it.. (This is no tmeant as spam)  Thanks in advance.

    1st idea; I have already posted a topic on the suggestion part of the forum about this; Curse hit potions for cursers, and other curse skills that raise curse hit (either active or passive) would be a nice improvement to balance some classes. (especially becuz i think cursers have a hard time ingame)

    2nd idea; I like the fact you can marry someone ingame. But i would work it out a bit more. For example during the Valentines event (14 februray) Give all married people a 20% buff on all defences and all attack styles when they are in the same team. You can also get that idea for the whole time of the year. It will encourage people to marry someone they spend a lot of time with. Because some people just marry for fun and never speak to that person ever again.. I think thats a shame..

    3rd idea: I would like to introduce the apocalypse event (because the world will end in 2012 :D). It would introduce a large boss, who doesnt allow pets to fight. On the other side you will have to put up a team of 10 players (5front row, 5 back row) to beat him. I think a boss like that might be fun.

    4th idea: Introduce a team chat. If you would ever introduce battles who involve 10 players in 1 team. (like suggestion 3) you certainly will need a team chat. Or organising your team will be damm hard. With a team chat, you directly know who is in ur team and whos not just by chatting :p

    5th and last idea; Try setting up some pvp events. For the moment people only see pvp as a horible thing because they get forced while farming and stuff... I would like to introduce a pvp event or championship, from witch you registrate in game if you want to participate. You can get championships with different rules, like no chaos, or no down effects and stuff to make battles a bit fair. You can join 1v1 , 2v2 3v3 4v4 or 5v5 championships. The team with the last man standing wins the battle. If you end up with a battle at 30 rounds, just look at the team most effective with damage and so. Or look at how many people of each team or still alive (for example when team 1 has 1 surviver and team 2 has 2 survivors team 2 will win. At the end you will have the ultimate final. Announce in world chat if the battle will begin. Players are free to select an option to follow the battle without joining it. The winning team of the championship might get rawards like special pvp championship mounts or weapons (or just chest with certain drop rates).


    Thanks for considering my ideas

    Greetings Flashh 

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    Tricia - suggestion- my request, please can we have in-game notification for our friends list? One that is like the notification that a general or emperor is online.. Thanks for your consideration ^^

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    Beau clougherty

    Ign ~ einarr
    Ideas : Pvp arena-players can place gold/copper/silver bets on other players battles. Winners take home a portion of bets and winners of the battles have a chance to win unique epic gear
    dungen crawl : players team up to enter a random style dungen once a day or once a week , dungens will have severl rooms with random monsters each room increases with difficulty and dungen bosses change often so players must use different style players and new tactics in order to beat bosses. Winners take home gold or chest
    Barber shop : players can change hair color and design
    Dye : players can change color of suits or mounts
    Perm suits : MORE perm suits lol
    Low level events : events for players under 30, 50 have seperate events that can only be done with players of that level ( so low lvl players dont have to stand around and ask for help, they can jus team up and do events )
    Weapons : more variety in weapon design ( how they look) alot of 1h sword have the same skin and look
    Equipment : a little bit more variety in design mainly helmets and clothes (unique design for pauldrons was realy cool and a great add on, if you could just take that a little futher with helmets and clothes that would be EPIC )
    Alchemy and Runes : (Alchemy) materials can be combined to make unique potions witch can not be bought in game, materials are droped by event / dungen crawl bosses. (Runes) runes can be added to weapons like gems but runes give a certain elementel effects like fire,frost,wind, earth. These effets would be specific to the element so fire would burn target, frost would slow down targets and things like that
    Trading system : simply being able to safely trade items with other players
    Attack effects : How the player looks when attacking will randomly change per attack example ( bare hand kff uses asura strike he swings his hand in a huge hook like pingba does, but when bare hand kff uses chaos strike he does the multiple hand thing with the blurry cloud )

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    Character Name: Drag-on


      Suggestion: The pet trainer quests should give exp to the equiped pet instead of the character.  I really dislike how long it takes to level a pet.  Please help us out!!!  Also, maybe some other quests to give pet experience instead of the character.  Thank you!!!   

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    drew dellinger

    Character Name: Kaoris

    Teleport Scrolls that you can buy from each town that teleport you back to the town you bought it from. That way you can buy teleports back to a certain location without having to reset your main town.

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    Character name: nuc63
    (1) demand Trading market: when selling resources in demand section it should show highest price on top there is alot of people that flood with 7 demands in one category to hide higher prices demands.

    (2) receiving goods from demands in trading market. Instead of mailing items per sale allow the demanded to go to market and bulk pickup items bought.

    (3) demand market in trading post. When making a demand list the top 2 demands in market for the item.

    (3) trading post demand. Allow a demand without having the item, example I want iron so I input iron and it allows me to select iron from a list of iron like the search function in buy.

    (4) new pet fireball dragon. Talent Automatic skill breathes dragon fire over all enemies. Magic based pet.

    (5) pet skill. Heal all team hp

    (6) pet skill. Heal all team mp

    (7) pet skill. Increase team melee

    (8) pet. Arm a pet like you arm your character

    (9) daily monster. Hydraliren. Lvl 1-20 characters only drops a random resource, chest, temp mount after completing( allows lower levels to have own special missions)

    (10) more dailies. More big dailies with 20k exp and chests. Examp hydrodragon a head two arms and 3

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    Character name nuc63
    (11) pvp arena
    (12) cloaks for lower level players temp or perm
    (13) fashion for temp or perm to buy more easily
    (14) +4 gems available in store
    (15) more items more copper for lower levels starting out.
    (16) empire building: catapult maker each catapult takes time/ resources to build and you can attack a empire and have 60% chance to take out a building level.
    (17) pvp arena have standings for it and give rewards to top 10 based on lvl per week

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    Tyler Michael wright

    Character name: iiRoyale         Suggestion: I think it would be cool to have like a prestige such as for hunters when you get hunter at the highest rank you should be able to prestige and keep that class and sort of speak "evolve" into another new class like hunter warrior and all the others each have something they can change into but it gives 2 options and you cant go back so this way there are more entirely different people

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    aDam D tan

    Character : 吉D
    Suggestion: 1) For easy to moving item on bag.
    2) Easy chatting wit team mate, when party must chatting wit team mate oni not wit all around ppl.
    3) The tap problem, when wan tap wit npc it's hard. Sometime wanna tap few time.
    4) Teleport, it's hard for us newbie to find some quest not show " to target " n teleport stone can sale on npc not on shop.
    5) Pet exp too low it's hard make our pet same lv wit us.

    P.s : Apologize for my bad English if can't understood meaning.

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    Vern Russell

    Character Name : Razz'd



    First suggestion is to add 'chat' and 'view'  buttons to the interface that pops up when clicking a group member. So, for example, could send personal messages to any grouped member quickly, without having to 'search' and fin them, or use chat 'link' to find them.


    Second suggestion is to have an 'auto-response' feature that can be turned on/off. This should be something simple that is returned when someone is messaged while in a fight. Since we cannot respond to new personal messages, this would inform the sender that the recipient was engaged in some behaviour that hindered their ability to chat. In addition to 'fights', this autoresponse could also be used when a character is using various UI elements that remove chat (Trading Post, Merchants, Mail System).


    Third Suggestion is to allow a 'hotkey' preceding chat messages that would direct system to send the message (chat, not mail) to a specified 'area'. something along the lines of  /a for area.. /w = world ,  /e = empire, /p "name" = private to 'name'.


    Fourth suggestion is to add some sort of emote system for roleplaying. Just a marked up /area chat using string formatting would be awesome and facilitate a ton of Role Playing!


    Fifth suggestion is a 'view' button for the empire you belong to in social view.  Basically a button that would do the same as clicking on an empire to view the empire, but for YOUR empire, the one char belonged too. Could then easily check resources/war info without having to find empire on list every time.

    Sixth suggestion is a PVP 'zone'. This zone could feature PvP based quests (kill 10 Mayans, kill 10 Warriors, kill 10 melee pets, etc). Low level stationary monster/npc's should be available for fighting (to regen hp/mp but not interfere by wandering .. no drops or xp). This zone could also feature interesting PvP modifiers and rewards. (eg. amulet that give +200 curse resist/-100 element resist, and vice versa +200 element, -100 curse.. others with +4000hp, -2000mp: +2000 mp, -2000hp... and the likes, but only that work in pvp zone)


    Seventh suggestion is to have a set of magic potions that can only be used on other players, but have greater effect and available for copper..(eg a +60% heal other potion, similar in cost to +40% health potion).


    Eighth suggestion is to have an empire storage shed. This would be a building that would be built using resources and take a building spot. As it was upgraded it would get larger storage capacity. The storage shed would use permissions based upon guild-rank to control access to storing and removal of items (as well as viewing).


    Ninth suggestion is I would like to see guaranteed success gems available for socketing. Make them limited in type (no melee, physical hit, curse hit, element hit, just basic attrib and hp/mp), and only avail as +1,  auto-bound gems. These gems would never 'break' an items current socket when adding, but only avail as +1 would make the max bonus at +20... whereas if you used other gems that might break you could get much higher bonus (up to +60).


    My other suggestions have already been posted, but I'll repeat quick since they good ideas :) 

    -Multi-select for bags (use to sell/drop more than 1 item)

    -Ignore Player feature (makes specific player's chat invisible)

    -More classes, more items, more sets, more areas, more quests, more events, more pets, more levels, more skills ....    Please Lakoo, can we have some more?


    Thats all for now... Oh wait... One more!!! Lakoo should hire me and I will make the changes I suggest :)

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