[EVENT] New Year New Suggestions!


Empire Online has been 1 year old now.

Thanks all for your support. Your suggestions and feedbacks have helped alot to improve our game.

A new round of suggestion event has come.

All suggestions about the game, our new forum and our service are included.

Here are the details:
1. Event time : 2012/1/12 10:00 - 2012/1/18 10:00(2012/1/11 18:00 - 2012/1/17 18:00 PST) 
2. Rules: Reply this post with your character name and the suggestions.
3. Rewards: If we accept your suggestions, we will tell you and reward your 500 gold coins.
                       All replied characters will be rewarded with a Kiss from Kos.

We hope you may like this event.


The event has end. We have given the kisses to most of the players. Still, if you didn't post the correct IGN, you may not get my kiss :).

Please tell us in game if  you haven't had the gift along with your forum ID, we will check for you.

The big rewards will be posted later. Please be patient.


Thanks for your support. ALL the suggestions are precious to us. Enjoy your game.

There will be more forum events coming.


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    drew dellinger

    Character Name: Kaoris

    Teleport Scrolls that you can buy from each town that teleport you back to the town you bought it from. That way you can buy teleports back to a certain location without having to reset your main town.

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    Character name: Flashh

    1st idea; I have already posted a topic on the suggestion part of the forum about this; Curse hit potions for cursers, and other curse skills that raise curse hit (either active or passive) would be a nice improvement to balance some classes. (especially becuz i think cursers have a hard time ingame)

    2nd idea; I like the fact you can marry someone ingame. But i would work it out a bit more. For example during the Valentines event (14 februray) Give all married people a 20% buff on all defences and all attack styles when they are in the same team. You can also get that idea for the whole time of the year. It will encourage people to marry someone they spend a lot of time with. Because some people just marry for fun and never speak to that person ever again.. I think thats a shame..

    3rd idea: I would like to introduce the apocalypse event (because the world will end in 2012 :D). It would introduce a large boss, who doesnt allow pets to fight. On the other side you will have to put up a team of 10 players (5front row, 5 back row) to beat him. I think a boss like that might be fun.

    4th idea: Introduce a team chat. If you would ever introduce battles who involve 10 players in 1 team. (like suggestion 3) you certainly will need a team chat. Or organising your team will be damm hard. With a team chat, you directly know who is in ur team and whos not just by chatting :p

    5th and last idea; Try setting up some pvp events. For the moment people only see pvp as a horible thing because they get forced while farming and stuff... I would like to introduce a pvp event or championship, from witch you registrate in game if you want to participate. You can get championships with different rules, like no chaos, or no down effects and stuff to make battles a bit fair. You can join 1v1 , 2v2 3v3 4v4 or 5v5 championships. The team with the last man standing wins the battle. If you end up with a battle at 30 rounds, just look at the team most effective with damage and so. Or look at how many people of each team or still alive (for example when team 1 has 1 surviver and team 2 has 2 survivors team 2 will win. At the end you will have the ultimate final. Announce in world chat if the battle will begin. Players are free to select an option to follow the battle without joining it. The winning team of the championship might get rawards like special pvp championship mounts or weapons (or just chest with certain drop rates).


    Thanks for considering my ideas

    Greetings Flashh 

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    Character name : WarBitch change to DirimuDusta

    Suggestion: add emp war every week the winner get tax buying or selling from trading post for 1 week until next war.

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    Character Name: Drag-on


      Suggestion: The pet trainer quests should give exp to the equiped pet instead of the character.  I really dislike how long it takes to level a pet.  Please help us out!!!  Also, maybe some other quests to give pet experience instead of the character.  Thank you!!!   

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    1 sugestion(wish) that i know many of other people have too, is the capacity of unbound items. Think about it for a SMALL fee(silver) be able to do it. Make ours whishes come true. Thx lakko

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    Character name: Fishaher

    Suggestion: can lakoo add service to let player rent their character. Other player can spend copper/ silver/ gold to get high level service when they are offline. Of course, player that put in the rent service will auto act because they are offline.

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    Character name nuc63
    (11) pvp arena
    (12) cloaks for lower level players temp or perm
    (13) fashion for temp or perm to buy more easily
    (14) +4 gems available in store
    (15) more items more copper for lower levels starting out.
    (16) empire building: catapult maker each catapult takes time/ resources to build and you can attack a empire and have 60% chance to take out a building level.
    (17) pvp arena have standings for it and give rewards to top 10 based on lvl per week

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    Name:LucasFTW Suggestion: Add in curse hit potions. Make a new server that is only for pvp. Make gold coins purchaseable. Make a new daily that can be done at lvl20 above,something like titan. Create an npc that allows you to put up your items for trade,and when someone wants it,that person will have to put up an item that he thinks he want to trade with,and both items will be sent to each other at the same time if agreed, make a lock selection . Unlock if you want to trade,trade begins when both player unlocks. :)

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    I think it would be great to see a pet skill that would boost element hit. Pets now are able to use "mana burning" which bolsters your curse hit, I would like to see one that does te same for element hit( not just the gold Merfolks talent skill)
    Thank you very much for reading!
    Happy new year

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    Character name: Thelex

    delete old messages please my

    Suggestion: To make a reset of the hero in the game for example at 55 you can make reset after reset character is a level and all thestats to remain or become

    is at the beginning and give Level up stat reset with the bigger and steeper than that:) You can still make a special card to reset charthere will be more monsters. Pay to make a Gold or Silver

    Add Forum post editor

    I'm sorry bad English

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    ID: Preciso

    Suggestion: Refine search function in trade post. Currently, you can either use the search box or select categories (such as type, lvl, etc) to search in. You should combine them so that I can input the name and also specify for example the level band of that item I want to search for. E.g. I type "Merfolk" and on the level category, I can also choose "lv40-50".

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    Norman Pahanel

    Character name : Loycats
    Suggestion : Good day Empire online.. My suggestion i think will solve a major problem in levelling up and taking chain of quests. its about the phrase "Your bag is full" I suggest lakoo to have an option in set-up to automatically drop a desired rarity of an equipment for example there is a check box that states drop all common equips that you will get or keep valuable or rare
    equips. just like that. i hope you consider guys thnx

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    Character: ErHoi

    Suggestion: can add gem that give curse effect like down, poison and other magic effect. All skill effect can be obtain through weapon

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    Tyler Michael wright

    Character name: iiRoyale         Suggestion: I think it would be cool to have like a prestige such as for hunters when you get hunter at the highest rank you should be able to prestige and keep that class and sort of speak "evolve" into another new class like hunter warrior and all the others each have something they can change into but it gives 2 options and you cant go back so this way there are more entirely different people

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    that sounds good...

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    justin pockrus

    char. name trihalf2:

    my suggestion is for a direct friend finder...if you tap your friends name you can see what map theyre at.

    also in friends i have some 500 friends and id like to be able to search a friends name instead of having to scroll through all the names:) ty

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    Zach Fluetsch

    Character Name: Detrix

    Suggestions: 1)Provide an exchange from copper to gold. i.e 500,000copper per 1 gold coin. 2)Ability to buy an unbinding scroll to unbind equips and pets 3)Creat wild carrier bags where a player can get more space to put stuff in without opening other storage areas. Each wild carrier bag could hold 5-10 other equips or such. 4)If possible provide a landscape version? Idk just me thinking (^.^) 5)Provide a "Shout" button in chat where a characters words can be seen in game play?

    Haha sorry just me thinking! I love Empire Online, its one of my goto apps when im not busy or am busy but boredish lol

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    Character name : ˹春丽˼

    1 - Andriod tablet also able to play

    2 - More free gold as andriod still very limited

    3 - EQ to be transferable to each and every characters in the same ID.

    4 - Festival events should be seperated differently by level.

    5 - Perm cloaks / fashions / mount to be sold in cash shop. 

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    Character name=I'MP®O
    add an item that can unbind items

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    RyuFang (again) :oh im srry for this but i felt its needed. I think shamans should be able to learn himura kenru's skill as ALMOST all shamans wield melee weapons. this is ur decision of course but i felt i needed to share my thoughts on it

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    Panda Koh

    Character : PandaE
    Suggestion : Update EO Lakoo wiki web site for all classes and max level skills. Many players have waste silver to trial and error on the skills learnt and maxed. Would be useful if players know what they would be getting when they maxed a certain skill. We are willing to pay silver for the skills, but don't wish for it to come to a waste. However if no silver is required to learn and max a skill, it would be perfect!! :)

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    XDrag0n (Dennis)

    Character name: XDrag0n

    Suggestion:  Make in-game event areas into no PvP areas like the towns ^_^

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    Name: ✨frost✨
    It would be sweet to see another teir or grade of equipment. Some epic items can't even be sold for 1gc while others top the trade post @ 10k gcs. These high priced epic items should be in a class all of their own. Call it "fabled" or "ancient" or "mythic" or whatever adjective deemed suitable to describe these incredibly powerful and scarce items. Ty much!

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    Kẻ Chẳng Giống Ai

    Char name: Minhyu


    1.Pls sale off Teleport gem :( it so expensive

    1. Make some big boss, appear any hour in the day, and random location. Defeat them and maybe drop epic item

    ps: im not good English

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    Name: BearTank

    On a side note: Hope no one gets rewarded for what someone else have already said in the previous suggestion column as the rewards were bad last time.

    Okay so my latest suggestion this time will be to create a report player function. Everyone knows you can click on someone's name during chat to add friend or private chat but let's extend this further.
    A report player function could be added to encourage players to report any improper conduct such as botting, foul language or even scam as sometimes the names are really hard to type while sending lakoo mails as they are done so using different keyboards.
    Also, the report function could be added when you click on the player charecter while using area search for whatever reason you need to report him for in tandem with the function being available to while clicking on a chat message being sent out.

    Of course there will be some people that are gonna just report every single thing that does not constitute as a problem or disruption to the game.
    To make it Lakoo- friendly, the report player function could come with a column of why the other player is being reported and screenshots should be encouraged. Lakoo will then verify the claim and ask for screenshots to be sent via email for a fair trial with regards to the person being victimized.

    ^~^ more ideas coming up so stay tuned!

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    Tiffany Bedell

    Name- ⚡Tiffy⚡

    A bigger variety of pets would be nice to have, even a series of quests that give decent rewards and not trashy rewards. Turtle
    Pet? Lol.

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    Name = Alleluia
    IDEA #1 Please make level 30 capes and mounts. I think many players get discouraged and stop playing because level 55 seems so far away. Level 30 would give people a goal and have a sense of accomplishment. You could modify existing capes looks slightly and have 1/2 benefits for lv30. Also, maybe a Black Panther, Spotted Pony, and Ostrich mount would be neat.

    IDEA #2 This may be something you build into a future expansion but I think you should expand the damage types into 5 classes instead of three. With the current 3, you run into a limit on strategy because there are only so many combinations. I think 5 classes would allow for more strategy, more character types, and keep players much more interested in the game. It would be easier to have unique feeling characters and open up alot more items for you to make. I suggest melee, range, magic, ballistic, and mental. You would also add 4 more potential stats similar to STR and CON for melee, AGI and DEX for range, etc. Perhaps, TEC (technology) and AMO (ammunition) for ballistic. Also, END (endurance) and SPI (spirit) for mental. These changes would allow you to make at least two more classes of character. I think a Gunner class focusing on technological weapons like Pistols and Machine Guns (very cool to fight a saber man with a machine gun) and mounts like Mecha and Tanks would be fun. Also, add a Vampire class focusing on mental attacks like hypnosis and drain attacks. Also, there is the opportunit for auto and skills like Telekinetic Shield to prevent AOE attacks. You could add many Neko suits and more tails at say lv30 that would please many role players and help them enjoy the game as well as encourage them to level a little.

    IDEA #3 I think having another bag slot or two would be great! Alot of people have all of the bag slots full and it would be great for having more storage.

    IDEA #4 Could you add some other range weapons? The archer class is smaller I think because players don't like to all you bows. Melee has 3 weapon types (4 if you count barehand kff). Yes Shaman has a blowpipe but Hunters only really have a bow for range. Add Crossbows for higher damage but reduced speed like real crossbows. Maybe Shureiken or Throwing Daggers would be very awesome! I think there would be alot more hunters if they had cooler weapons. Also, every hunter need a Surifen Suit. Add variety maybe a Ninja Suit (ninja are good at hunting enemies down) that would look cool. You could make a couple varieties. Also you could make ninja fashion.

    IDEA #5 Create a way to alter the way a character look. Many people want a character to look one way but want to play as a certain class or race. Why not offer a Beauty Shop in KerryAndrew? Sell temporary hair dye potions (maybe 30 days for silver and 5 days for copper) with more colors for silver but some available for copper. Also, have a Barber ther that will let you change a characters haircut. You could add a Mohawk, bald, top knot, and many hair styles for alot of silver. For copper players could change among the basic styles. If you have a free slot in the character, allow for items like Sunglasses (element raist?) and Warpaint (melee) and Liptstick (less foe anger) for characters. Customization is what makes any game fun! People like to feel that there character is special and unique. I think these features would not only make alot of money for you but would make the game alot more fun and interesting for us.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Vern Russell

    Character Name : Razz'd



    First suggestion is to add 'chat' and 'view'  buttons to the interface that pops up when clicking a group member. So, for example, could send personal messages to any grouped member quickly, without having to 'search' and fin them, or use chat 'link' to find them.


    Second suggestion is to have an 'auto-response' feature that can be turned on/off. This should be something simple that is returned when someone is messaged while in a fight. Since we cannot respond to new personal messages, this would inform the sender that the recipient was engaged in some behaviour that hindered their ability to chat. In addition to 'fights', this autoresponse could also be used when a character is using various UI elements that remove chat (Trading Post, Merchants, Mail System).


    Third Suggestion is to allow a 'hotkey' preceding chat messages that would direct system to send the message (chat, not mail) to a specified 'area'. something along the lines of  /a for area.. /w = world ,  /e = empire, /p "name" = private to 'name'.


    Fourth suggestion is to add some sort of emote system for roleplaying. Just a marked up /area chat using string formatting would be awesome and facilitate a ton of Role Playing!


    Fifth suggestion is a 'view' button for the empire you belong to in social view.  Basically a button that would do the same as clicking on an empire to view the empire, but for YOUR empire, the one char belonged too. Could then easily check resources/war info without having to find empire on list every time.

    Sixth suggestion is a PVP 'zone'. This zone could feature PvP based quests (kill 10 Mayans, kill 10 Warriors, kill 10 melee pets, etc). Low level stationary monster/npc's should be available for fighting (to regen hp/mp but not interfere by wandering .. no drops or xp). This zone could also feature interesting PvP modifiers and rewards. (eg. amulet that give +200 curse resist/-100 element resist, and vice versa +200 element, -100 curse.. others with +4000hp, -2000mp: +2000 mp, -2000hp... and the likes, but only that work in pvp zone)


    Seventh suggestion is to have a set of magic potions that can only be used on other players, but have greater effect and available for copper..(eg a +60% heal other potion, similar in cost to +40% health potion).


    Eighth suggestion is to have an empire storage shed. This would be a building that would be built using resources and take a building spot. As it was upgraded it would get larger storage capacity. The storage shed would use permissions based upon guild-rank to control access to storing and removal of items (as well as viewing).


    Ninth suggestion is I would like to see guaranteed success gems available for socketing. Make them limited in type (no melee, physical hit, curse hit, element hit, just basic attrib and hp/mp), and only avail as +1,  auto-bound gems. These gems would never 'break' an items current socket when adding, but only avail as +1 would make the max bonus at +20... whereas if you used other gems that might break you could get much higher bonus (up to +60).


    My other suggestions have already been posted, but I'll repeat quick since they good ideas :) 

    -Multi-select for bags (use to sell/drop more than 1 item)

    -Ignore Player feature (makes specific player's chat invisible)

    -More classes, more items, more sets, more areas, more quests, more events, more pets, more levels, more skills ....    Please Lakoo, can we have some more?


    Thats all for now... Oh wait... One more!!! Lakoo should hire me and I will make the changes I suggest :)

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    Joanne quek

    Character name: joaquek
    My suggestion for lakoo is - change background music
    - set up places for role-play chats in order to let role-players have their own space ( sometimes role-play chats in world chats are quite annoying)
    - purchasing of silver coins to be cheaper ( as some players might be students, how could they be possible to purchase huge amount of coins to upgrade characters.
    - trading could be more cheaper if possible.
    - game graphics can be improved to have day and night time

    That's good enough I guess 
    Happy gaming to all ....

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