[EVENT] New Year New Suggestions!


Empire Online has been 1 year old now.

Thanks all for your support. Your suggestions and feedbacks have helped alot to improve our game.

A new round of suggestion event has come.

All suggestions about the game, our new forum and our service are included.

Here are the details:
1. Event time : 2012/1/12 10:00 - 2012/1/18 10:00(2012/1/11 18:00 - 2012/1/17 18:00 PST) 
2. Rules: Reply this post with your character name and the suggestions.
3. Rewards: If we accept your suggestions, we will tell you and reward your 500 gold coins.
                       All replied characters will be rewarded with a Kiss from Kos.

We hope you may like this event.


The event has end. We have given the kisses to most of the players. Still, if you didn't post the correct IGN, you may not get my kiss :).

Please tell us in game if  you haven't had the gift along with your forum ID, we will check for you.

The big rewards will be posted later. Please be patient.


Thanks for your support. ALL the suggestions are precious to us. Enjoy your game.

There will be more forum events coming.


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    Edison Lee

    Character Name: Hahihuhe

    Suggestion: Please add skill shortcuts for pets. I Beg YOU D; 

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    Like someone said earlier having tournaments would be fun but not daily because that is too much. Maybe tournaments for special events or once a month thing. In addition to tournaments is that the top three should receive some sort of reward and earn badges on their achievemens or on player social record somewhere saying how many time they took first second or third. For special holiday events players should get s holiday badge for participation.  These tournaments maybe 1v1-5v5 or something.

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    Sam Aron A Pascual

    Suggestion:english version for mobile and have a new job classes thank you ign:<RmD>

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    andre coleman

    Character name: cloud_s7 oh yea I forgot to say one thing there is no real way to.decline or accept friends request and it would be cool if that was fixed also I think that their should be equipment that only certain civilizations can use instead of just anyone can buy and use it lol

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    Beau clougherty

    Ign ~ einarr
    Ideas : Pvp arena-players can place gold/copper/silver bets on other players battles. Winners take home a portion of bets and winners of the battles have a chance to win unique epic gear
    dungen crawl : players team up to enter a random style dungen once a day or once a week , dungens will have severl rooms with random monsters each room increases with difficulty and dungen bosses change often so players must use different style players and new tactics in order to beat bosses. Winners take home gold or chest
    Barber shop : players can change hair color and design
    Dye : players can change color of suits or mounts
    Perm suits : MORE perm suits lol
    Low level events : events for players under 30, 50 have seperate events that can only be done with players of that level ( so low lvl players dont have to stand around and ask for help, they can jus team up and do events )
    Weapons : more variety in weapon design ( how they look) alot of 1h sword have the same skin and look
    Equipment : a little bit more variety in design mainly helmets and clothes (unique design for pauldrons was realy cool and a great add on, if you could just take that a little futher with helmets and clothes that would be EPIC )
    Alchemy and Runes : (Alchemy) materials can be combined to make unique potions witch can not be bought in game, materials are droped by event / dungen crawl bosses. (Runes) runes can be added to weapons like gems but runes give a certain elementel effects like fire,frost,wind, earth. These effets would be specific to the element so fire would burn target, frost would slow down targets and things like that
    Trading system : simply being able to safely trade items with other players
    Attack effects : How the player looks when attacking will randomly change per attack example ( bare hand kff uses asura strike he swings his hand in a huge hook like pingba does, but when bare hand kff uses chaos strike he does the multiple hand thing with the blurry cloud )

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    Chuc mung nam moi nha

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    Ryan Schwartz

    Character name: PoieZen

    First I would like to say that I read through most of these comments, but got tired of reading the same suggestions over and over, so I hope that my suggestions are not repeats.

    1st: I would like to be able to learn Shaman skills past Lv1 institute. You say "all our skills can be learned without class restrictions" but we can only learn a few shaman skills. At least open them up to Lv 10 institutes like the other classes. Or you could make a quest line for other classes to earn the ancestor's blessing(even make it a daily, so every time you want to learn shaman skills you have to prove your worth) that way shaman skills are still a little challenging to get, but at least other classes have a chance to learn them. I would really love to be able to learn Sagacity :). You could also just add all shaman skills available up to Lv10 institute to the Lv1 institute and allow them all to be learned only to Lv15(like the ones that are currently at Lv1 Institute) So for example, Sagacity would be added to the Lv1 Institute, then wizards could learn it up  to Lv15

    2nd: Add a Armory building for empires to build. Players will be able to donate their unused equipment to earn contribution points. All players can view the armory so they know what the empire has in stock. But only the Emperor/Generals can withdraw from the armory to give out to other members. Or players could exchange contribution points to withdraw equipment.

    3rd: Even the drop rate for the Lv55 suits from Lv55 chests. This will even out the value on all suit pieces, and make it easier to sell/trade the items you don't need for ones you do. I'm tired of getting 10 grim crowns in-between every other epic drop. 

    4th: If you don't do my 3rd suggestion do this :). Make the Lv55 chests more likely to drop equipment for your class. I.E. a Wizard opening Lv55 chests is more likely to get dark moon/red moon equipment. A warrior would be more likely to get Grim equipment, etc. It takes so long to get all the other class items and sell to put together a suit for your class. This way you are more likely to get the suit pieces you need and have less to try and sell/trade.

    5th: Melee pets need a hit all foes skill! Either a new skill, or Lv21/22 Slam PLEASE

    6th: Similar to others I've read, but have a TRADE chat line(or MARKET chat). This way all the people just wanting to chat(or role play) can stay in world chat, and the people that want to just buy/sell items can listen in on TRADE/MARKET chat. Simplest solution to solve everyone complaining about spamming world chat :).

    I think that's enough to keep you guys busy for a little while. Looking forward to awesome updates in 2012!

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    Patrick Lee

    Character Name: RedNoble


    1) Mail Box versus Personal Storeroom

    • A Personal Storage Area accessible through a central NPC where it is accessible to all the characters registered under the same account.
    • This works a lot better in comparison to using and keep checking Mail Boxes to transfer items to different characters.
    • This way, you eliminate the time required for players to perform unnecessary steps, more playing time and this is good for the game.

    2) A n investment Den

    • A place where players can invest their coppers, silver or gold.
    • Investments: There are high risk, low risk, good times, bad times, fixed deposit where players have to park an amount of money for a certain period to earn a fraction of the interest.
    • Or maybe a twice a week Lotto event where players purchase tickets to enter a Lotto event for lucky number picks.
    • Players with the winning numbers or hits the jackpot will be rewarded appropriately.

    3) Bruce Lee Event

    • Like MJ instance, i would really look forward to a Bruce Lee or some other iconic characters related events or instances
    • Send me a Bruce Lee Fashion Suit anytime!



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