[Event]New Year's Wishes Collection !!

Happy New Year & welcome to our new forum!!

We are holding this event to collect all your best wishes and greetings.

We will give all that join the event a "Kiss" as our reward :)


Event Time:2012/1/05 10:00 - 2012/1/10 10:00(2012/1/04 18:00 - 2012/1/09 18:00 PST)

How to join this event:Reply this post with the form of                  Character name
                                                                                                                     Your new year wishes or greetings
Reward:kiss X1

Ps: The kiss will be given after the event. 1000 gold coins will be given evey day !!

Further more, we will choose one player every day during the event to reward 1000 gold coins!

We hope you may enjoy our event.

Reward(1000 gold coins) List :

2012.01.05: Stadium

2012.01.06: Claude-

2012.01.07: MrBrowny

2012.01.08: RedNoble

2012.01.09: Uncle

2012.01.10: Serraphi

Most of you have been rewarded. But some of the character names are incorrenct. Therefore, if you haven't had Kiss, please contact us in game. We will check for you.

Thank you for your support and have a lucky year!!!!!


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    Name = Alleluia

    Wish = Wish for capes for lv30 players. I would like to see different designs like MJ Cape and Vampire Cloak available for lower level players. Thank you for the great game :)

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    Mike Irollthekush Baker

    Character name: j©ole

    Wish: to figure out wat I want to do with my char

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    Name: C0mando Wish: I wish that you will remove the inactive emperor from Hylia and appoint someone else as the emperor so we can begin to grow again in the new year (XDragon would be a good candidate!)

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    Lee Cotterill

    Wow. Lakoo got do much bad press in last forums they needed new ones. And didn't want to bring over old posts. Then every time someone posts in forums it sends me a damn email. Are you retarded? Why would you have a feature like that? Old forums didn't. How do you screw that up so much?

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    Character Name:  Cylon

    New Year's Wish:  For Lakoo to make a new version of Empire Online with HD graphics!  Now that would be awesome!!!

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    New Year is the time to unfold
    new horizons & realize new dreams,
    to rediscover the strength & faith within u,
    to rejoice in simple pleasures and
    gear up for new challenges.
    Wishing u a truly fulfilling New Year!


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