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From time to time we hear the comment that guided bible studies in Christian small organizations are shallow. I have usually unearthed that whenever people speak of serious teaching they usually mean mystical, speculative, or heady type of teaching including eschatology (end-times teaching) or speculative typology or discussing large theological dilemmas, which tend to develop the mind although not enlarge one's heart.

The thought behind this declaration is that, somehow, bible studies that are taught lecture-style are more spiritual than guided bible studies where everybody gets an opportunity to share and which are opened up for debate.

Whilst it's true that gifted teachers have already been put in the church this doesn't negate the very fact that God has given to every believer a way of measuring His grace and an event of the facts which is at work in their daily lives. Guided bible reports help experiencing Christ together. Whereas single rangers have a tendency to result in error, shared understanding brings higher awareness of reality.

Look watchfully at what Paul prayed for that Ephesians:

3:17-19 NKJV).

Encountering God's love and truth demands an environment where it can be understood and experienced collectively.

Here's the meltdown! Coaching, irrespective of how rich or deep, is without value unless it is put on our lives. The phrase should change us.

For this reason:

*We do not often need to know more, but we do need to develop more.

*We don't always need to learn more, but we do need to learn ways to get whatever we know to operate inside our lives.

This is where religious development in small communities happens. If that word has been applied in my own life but who knows seven days later I may hear a difficult bible study? In the framework of Christian little organizations where discussion happens this can be done easily.

Let's say, for example, friends has learned the passage in Deuteronomy 6:1-9. This passage handles the part of parents teaching their kiddies in the means of the Lord. Some in the class may have been of the view that is the duty of Kids Church. Others haven't actually given much considered to it. Now they understand it's a responsibility that falls upon their shoulders. In an organization situation, two things could be done:

1. Suggestions could be made as to how to apply the Word.

2. The next week and subsequent weeks, the group may invite people to generally share ways in which this word will be applied inside their situation.

The consequence is that everyone advantages of the participation of the others in the collection.

The demand of shallow training in discussion-based bible reports is without basis. Through guided bible studies, not just do we participate in inspirational bible studies, we also arrive at experience Christ together. For instance useful source.
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