South Portal in Altonia Mountain A.

Theres a Bug in Altonia Mountain A.

I can't use the south Portal because nothing happens if i click on it on my Tablet with Gingerbread 2.3.

Also its difficult to hit the Portal to the east in Altonia B. because its only 1-2 mm away from the More Button.



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    Hi facebook name, please attach the related screenshots here so that we can forward them to the relevant department to better locate your problem to fix it ASAP once confirmed. Please provide your device display resolution as well. Thank you.

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    facebook name

    Hi dj,

    "facebook name" lol :D

    Sorry, but you should work on the Portal/Forum :)

    Ok, back to topic...

    I dont have a Screenshot App on my Tablet but i can specify the type of the device.

    Its an JXD S7100b so maybe this could help you.

    The resolution is 7" with 800x780.

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    facebook name

    Oh, btw...

    Its not like the Altonia B Portal, with is only hart to hit.

    The south Portal in Altonia Mountain A is easy to tap and when i tap it, its marked with the typical circle, but my character don't move.

    So its not a resolution Problem like Altonia B Portal might be....

    And thank you for your fast response, dj.

    So the Forum is not that dead as i thought... :)

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