Bug in "A Letter for Melo Dina"?

I got the Quest and was Autosend to Melo Dina where i could see the blue Questionmarker above her head, but when i talk to her there is no Option to end the quest.

If i refresh the Game the Questionmarker disappear.


Any suggestions?

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    Hi facebook name, if you confirm you meet the requirements of the quest and no display lagging existed in your case, please attach the related screenshots here so that we can forward them to the relevant department to better locate your problem to fix it ASAP once confirmed. Thank you. Tips: To complete a quest, you may need to get/complete/find the correct items/target/NPC, or complete quests in some order or in several maps, or receive/complete/redo corresponding/prerequisite/daily quest.

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    facebook name

    Thank you for you response, dj.

    I've read that i need sometimes the requirements for a quest, but strange is, that the blue Questionmarker is gone when i refresh the Game in the Game Menu.

    For me as a Software Developer it looks like a bug...


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