Drastic drop in EXP after recent update

In the past when I grind at a spot, it gives me 2060 exp per kill. After the recent updates, the exp dropped till 1280. Those figures are without exp event or 1.4/1.6 exp herb/scroll mind you. Thats a close 40% decrease in exp gained. I fully understand why Lakoo decreased the exp for players because of the new dailies introduced, levelling up was made easier and perhaps you do not wish players to complain of boredom when they reach the cap limit of 65.

BUT ONE thing that u guys have failed is also to DECREASE the pet exp at training insititues! With new pets coming outs everyday from pet gems, u expect players to spend  much more time and money to level their pets? 1x75 pet herbs costs 25gcs(theres no 1hr 1.6x exp scroll for pets if u didnt know). Why is it justifiable for Lakoo to decrease EXP gained in Pet Training Insitutes?

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    Hi Need4Spd, thanks for your kind feedback. Your valuable feedback is highly appreciated for future game improvement consideration. Please feel free to let us know if you or our other players have more to share with us. Thank you all.

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