Who Else Is Lying To Us About Learn Kung Fu?

What is Thai kick-boxing? I’ve never even heard of it before! Whereas Shaolin kung fu has, through movies, television, songs, etc. been indoctrinated into our heads, as amazing and awe-inspiring? What is worth celebrating is Director Shi finally stepping up, expressing official acceptance of the Thailand boxing champions’ challenge, holding a competition in Foshan of Guangdong in December. We believe that mystical Director Shi, who does not usually fight, will defeat the five big Thai boxing champions, beating them onto their knees the moment he does!

In addition, the five big Thai boxing champions originally wanted to go to Shaolin Temple to make their challenge because Thailand is a Buddhist country, where everyone believes and respects Buddhism. “But, we heard from our China kung fu friends that many temples and monasteries in China have all been developed by ruthless businessmen into tools to make money from the ordinary common people and believers/followers. [They] are even forced to make purchases in the temple and monasteries, here fees must be paid just for taking photos. Especially that so-called originators of kung-fu Shaolin Temple. It is said that they can even make commercial investments, this is unbelievable. We originally wanted to go tell them to stop using so-called kung fu to deceive Buddhist believers.” Now upon hearing that the China competition is confirmed to be in Foshan of Guandong, there is some regret…[that it is not at the Shaolin Temple itself]
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