why are you making another server?

it's only making Arcardia worse.  I get the feeling you've completely forgotten about us already.  Have we not been your most loyal customers?  Stop with the stupid new server deal and just make your ORIGINAL server better.

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    Hi noa, thanks for your feedback. Our decision/processing on such issue is based on feedback from our players. And we never ignore any of our servers/players. For any updates, please check the announcement in game or on our official forum as often as you can. Thank you.

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    Kitara Airbinder

    Noa,  Why do you let Heroes Empire in Bosnia Destroy ?? as the creator you are so irresponsible. but you have to fix it, by making New Heroes in server Maya. so lakoo give you the opportunity to make it  better, by giving New sever Maya. I guess like that... lol

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