Manchester United A Record 50 Million Cable Quotes Are Rejected When The Magic Wing Lobbyists Counterespionage

Manchester United record the quotation Lucas refused although Manchester United signed Shinji Kagawa , but manager Sir Alex Ferguson has not slowed down for the midfielder to continue the transformation plan, recently sent his chief scout team and the club secretary to Brazil and Sao Paulo in the hope that this summer, able to sign a small Lucas. Unfortunately, Manchester United since Recently doing is useless , they quoted £ 27.2 million offer brutally rejected, Sao Paulo hope Manchester United offer another high point , reaching the market value of Brazilian star Neymar . British media, " Daily Mail " revealed that Manchester United quote really mention the second quotation reached 32 million pounds , if we can complete the transaction , so little Lucas will overtake Manchester United Dimitar Berbatov became king in the history of the new standard , but this time with the first offer , like Sao Paulo still be rejected . More Premier League news >> "Manchester United sends a very important offer, to reach 35 million euros ( 27.2 million pounds ) , but they want to sign a small Lucas , quotes must be the high point for the job ." Sao Paulo club Director Marco Aurelio Cunha said in an interview , " for us, the small Lucas and Neymar , we do not want to agree to this price on the transaction . for us, have a good players than there are large sum of money in the bank is much better . " British media," daily Mail " said the Manchester United's hopes of Sao Paulo offer up to 50 million pounds , in view of the small Lucas has never played ball in the Europa League the possibility of " surrender" Manchester United is minimal. Of course , Ferguson and will not give up little Lucas. British media, " Mirror" revealed the Brazilian right-back Rafael when lobbyists, Hope Lucas pressure to Sao Paulo , the transfer fee to go down . Lucas is currently small in the UK , he has done with the Brazilian Olympic team to prepare for the London Olympics this summer , Manchester United players Rafael also Brazilian team, with little Lucas is alongside teammate .Besides, when talking about Premier League tottenham jersey 2014,the shirt can be found from this uk site:, many fans love the site. Well, let's continue talking about football news.. "Little Lucas performed very well ." Brazilian Olympic team after defeating the British Olympic team 20 , Manchester United Brazilian right-back Rafael said , "Yes, I've been told little Lucas , he should join Manchester United If you watched us play at Middlesbrough , you will feel the Brazilian players to gain a foothold in the Premier League , we like to play the game, but playing very happy. Moreover, I also heard the Oscar went to Chelsea . " for small Lu Fidel 's future, the Brazilian Olympic team captain, just move from AC Milan to Paris Saint-Germain 's Thiago Silva says little Lucas to become the second C-Lo, "I can feel small Lucas foothold in the Premier League , although he was not tall, but he has a strong body and strength , difficult for anyone to stop him. little Lucas with the former Manchester United winger C Luo similar , with the same quality . " Meanwhile , the British media "Mirror " revealed that Manchester United also intends to introduce Fulham star Dembele . Dembele is now 25 years old frontcourt size fits all , can the functional second striker , attacking midfielder and the avant-garde, Belgian international , England landed the summer of 2010 , joining Fulham , learned Ferguson hopes to sign Dembele strengthen frontcourt strength. British media, " Mirror" revealed that Manchester United signed Dembele to Fulham to pay at least £ 15 million , it is understood Arsenal are interested in this player . In midfield , Manchester United there are other options , such as拉斯姆斯厄Thermes , "Sky Sports" said Ferguson also be interested in these players . Now 24 -year-old E Ermu Swedish striker , midfielder , currently playing in Alkmaar , it is learned that the player this summer to leave the Netherlands , the next stop is likely to be the Premier League .
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