Non stop crashing

So the great lakoo has made a game that is "too rich textured" to work on an iPad and iPhone and suggest that the crashing is blamed on my 20meg speed Internet and iPhone 4S being crap and not due to their *** fault. Wow the support team on lakoo r *** and ***. They can't admit their problems but instead suggest I buy a newer device so I can play their game. Oh yes I have £600 lying around go buy iPhone 5 to play this game that has *** running it. Lakoo step up or I will leave. I am a paying customer and am getting really pissed off and im not only one. Half the gamers experience same crashing non stop.

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    Hi Lost in dreamland, we are very sorry if any misunderstanding was caused, as there may be game client lagging/crash occasionally for some devices, especially when fighting/teleporting/teaming up (problem may be caused not just on your end), as this game contains rich content needing, for instance, enough device memory support, though we are working hard for optimization. We hope we can complete the optimization ASAP as well for better performance for more devices in near future. Thank you.


    Before the improvement, you, or players with such devices, are suggested to restart your device or relog in or clear memory trash to maintain enough/good device/memory support before crash/lagging, and not to run other apps simultaneously and not to play our game too long each time. Sincere apology for any inconvenience caused.

    To better kindly help the improvement and better locate your crash problem, please provide the related ID of character (not ID of account or login ID/name) and name of server when crashed and follow this thread to provide: 1. iOS version; 2. Device model (eg. iPhone 4S); 3. Jailbroken or not; 4. Detailed operation before crash and the full name of map when crashed; 5. Any system prompt when crashed; 6. the time/date (server time) when crashed as exact as possible; 7. Other information. Tips: Crash may happen on device memory shortage and no other apps running is strongly recommended when playing.

    Please do not use inappropriate language. Otherwise we may delete your thread next time if you use again. Your cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated for a good game environment. 

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    Thank you very much for your elaboration, Ba Shabz.

    First, sincere apology again for all inconvenience or bad game experience caused.

    Second, we ensure all of our players we are working hard on this problem and we look forward to fixing it ASAP as you do. We cannot confirm the cause yet though. But from the description from some of our players, the cause may be related to iOS 6.0 or iOS7 for some devices, or difference of some devices (all devices working fine but one device not, as one of our players mentioned), or even some operation, such as tapping too fast before the loading of game data/content is completed, or others including temporary network connection interruption or network service provider or service difference. We believe the more our players share with us, better and faster we can fix the problem. Please, our other players as well, do not hesitate to let us know if you have such problem.

    Third, Ba Shabz, sorry we forgot to mention we need the related ID of character and name of server when crashed as well for better location.

    Thanks again sincerely,

    Best regards,


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    Ba Shabz

    Sorry for the lanaguage but was fed up with terrible help from costumer services. Also answering the above I followed all 5 steps. I have latest ISO, I have iPhone 4S and I have 40gb memory free and my phone isn't jailbroken. It happens in every map and randomly and worse during boss fights as it won't let u log back on till boss is dead or u die and fight is over. Also no system prompts are given just closes. So as you can see I'm doing everything right and told customer services sooo many times and constantly they tell me it's my fault so obviously I got annoyed as I'm a paying customer.

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    Wout Bomans


    My game is crashing a lot too. Opening Social > Crash. Starting duel battle > Crash.

    And much, much more. I asked CS what to do 3 times. The third time I gained a link for this.

    I have an iPod 4th generation, 8GB, not jailbroken. I've payd a lot for EO, so I am kinda angry because of the crashes.


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