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Q: I beat all three parts of sky castle in the same day and I still cannot make the lv3 enchants even though on the details that you put on sky castle three saids that we will be able to make all lv3 enchants from sky castle after beating 8 head orochi. Have you guys not released sly castle 3 enchants yet? If so, why does the details on sky castle 3 say that we will be able to craft lv3 enchants once
A: We have fixed the problem. You can tap Check Activity - Heroes Palace to craft Lv3 enchants at Sky Castle Instance NPC. Enjoy! :)

Q: I think the recent app update cant fully support 4 gen ipod because it doesnt support ios7. After the recent app update i discover a lot of bug, there are bug at tri star, zako, carmi, halloween event, and most monster battle, i have already sent in the bug report, please fix this asap. Thank you.
A: Thanks for your kind feedback. We have pushed the relevant department to fix it ASAP. Before it is fully fixed, if you have battle/quest problem, please do not check the checkbox next to Battle Optimization on the bottom if you tap Settings before you log in your character. Then you can relog in to try again. Thank you. (Battle Optimization function only serves iOS device currently)

Q: How are we suppose to equip raistlin marcharlie and the shinning one if the lv requirement is lv 100 while our lvl gap is 65?
A: It is not a bug.  The lv 100 refers to monster level, not character level, as a normal game setting. That monster is the only lv 100 monster in game currently. The cards can be equipped by Lv 55 character as our tests show.

Q: does the enchant remove scroll remove the enchant n let users keep the enchant for another use or does kt get destroyed
A: Remove Enchant Scroll removes all enchantments from item. You will lose/destroy the enchantments and gems by doing that. Please take extra caution when handling your item. Thank you.

Q: Hi, the KOS npc at nine dragons city doesnt make gems or rings anymore
A: Fixed.

Q: i completed but failed to submit Kill Rock Turtle quest as the NPC seems not responding or it's not the correct way to submit...
A: You are suggested to delete the quest if you received the quest long ago. There're updates on some quests in game. Some NPCs and quests have been adjusted, though you can receive similar new quests actually.

Q: Why pylon stats are not reflected when I sync in Arena? I looked under the current gears in arena options and the gears do not reflect the pylon stats.
A: It has been fixed. Please try again on your end. Pylonizing effect will disappear when composing/strengthening, while the effect should not disappear after crafting/identifying and you should be able to see the pylon effect on offline arena when viewing the gear.

Q: i just inject my master perdi axe (perfect) unbound after that i saw it was bound now!! plsss unbound it i dont really want to bound it!!
A: It's not a bug. There's system prompt clearly stating "Attention! Locked or not, all Current stats will be replaced by Preview stats and your equipment will be bound! Confirm to replace these new effects on this equipment?". Please take extra caution when handling your items. Tips: You can use your only recovery chance to unbind, if you did not use the chance, but the pylonized item unbound will be bound when received by player by mail or Trading Post in game as a normal game setting.

Q: ...Such as the regeneration, i had the 20% regeneration effect but when it didnt regenerate after battles
A: If it's automatic regeneration, this attribute cannot be stacked as described for such gear. Please check if you are wearing other gear of automatic regeneration after battle. The system only reads the highest values. If not, you are suggested to relog in to check again or check if you actually did not Replace the Current stats with Preview stats.

Q: found a couple of bugs that r irritating me very badly 1: cant view my advanced statistics 2:cant view my pets advanced statistics 3:cant apply stat points because the game shuts down when i try to plz fix this now
A: We have fixed the problem. Please update your game client version to the latest before you try again. Thank you.

Q: heloo, I Player Name *** from Bonsia Server, In mY Device The Game Crash When I Try Put My Active Skills On In Pk-Server, And I Cant Challenge Anyone, Please Repair This Error, Coz Is Very Much Not Funny .. Cant Playa In Pk-Arena :(
A: It's a known issue to us. We will fix it ASAP once confirmed. Thank you.

Q: Hi gm, I use card fight which suppose to give me x7 lv50 chest for 3rd time of the day. But I only get 1st and 2nd reward. Could u kindly check for me tyvm
A: It's not a bug. It's under our automatic system, which means you will get the rewards once eligible. To be eligible, you need to: 1. be the team leader; 2. successfully defeated the boss within 30 rounds. You cannot be eligible if: 1. you are not the team leader; 2. you are the leader but die when fight ends; 3. you are the team leader but break even and do not defeat the boss.

Q: I've noticed a bug with the special fairy I don't know if it's just this one or all of them but my friend GrimGriper has one and there is a mistake it's called "Special bear" when it's a fairy.
A: It's been confirmed as a wrong name only. We will correct it ASAP. Thank you.

Q: my private chat keep double sending and it wont go away this is third day in a row it wont do it on world chat or any of the other just private chat
A: Please update to the latest game client version before you try again.

Q: The battle chat thing in the notice. There is no option to turn battle chat off in settings on iPod, only in android, please fix this because lagging is so bad thanks
A: Fixed. Please redownload the latest game client version/app to try again. Thank you.

Q: Is your altonia ruin instance working? Why can't we enter the instance anymore? Is there a change in the instance?
A: It is not a bug. You need to complete a prerequisite quest. Thank you. Tips: To complete a quest, you may need to get/complete/find the correct items/target/NPC, or complete quests in some order or in several maps, or receive/complete/redo corresponding/prerequisite/daily quest. We suggest you to communicate with more players for more about the game.

Q: Nobody can find "white filament" in this game . It is required to compose darkmoon set. It supposed to be come from material package. But no. I beleive that it is bug. Check it out
A: Fixed. (2013-04-16)

Q: hi gm why i cant private chat with someone.?..can ur hlp
A: It is a known issue to us. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We have arranged the relevant department to look into the problem. We will fix it ASAP once confirmed. Thank you.

Q: I have a problem, when equipping some suits that cover the whole head (like Halloween suit) makes my face like the bearded one instead of my original (I mean like it changes my face) when I reload it goes back to normal, but its a but that annoys me for some reason :/
A: It is not a bug but a normal game setting as the avatar/head/face/look/shape may change when equipped with some items. Please take it off and refresh/relog in the game if feel annoyed to change it back. Thank you.

Q: Today i've downloaded the game Saga of Conquest and i can't register an account 'cause i receive the next msg: "Error code-57 invalid name!"
A: If you get Error Code-57 invalid name, please write to to elaborate on your related operation and provide the screenshot or photo of the full error message, the exact/full invalid name you tried, your detailed device model, device system version and device IMEI/MEID code if your game client version is the latest. We will arrange the relevant department to check for you. (

Q: I changed my pet name twice and it save but after I logged off and logged on the name is blank with a green underline please fix the issue and give me my silver that I wasted
A: It is not a bug. You may fail if you use special characters or Emoji instead of normal character to name your pet, as some special characters/Emoji cannot be recognized by the game system owing to the device system version or other details including input/typing method/software affecting the compatibility with our game system.

Q: hi gm just want to ask about my accnt.... if i tap social>friend chinese character appear.... dont know what happen.... kindly fix it as soon as possible.... friendlist cant view.... thanks and more power.....
A: Fixed.

Q: Hello, in the daily missions tab it says I will receive a gift ticket if I complete all the missions under a certain category. I have completed ALL the missions many many times and I have NEVER received a gift ticket! Please give me the gift tickets I deserve.
A: It is not a bug. Please try again after you completed missions under all categories. Thank you. Tips: You can only get one ticket each day for the first time when you complete all missions under all categories.

Q: king tiger bow description stated that "melee damage will be used once equipped."...after changing most of my skills from range to melee, I find that the damage i did was still based on my range damage, not melee damage.
A: It is not a bug. The calculation of normal attack is based on melee, while that of skill is still based on range. The bow is still a bow, which cannot change your character into a kkf.

Q: Lakoo please fix the crash bug!!! The game randomly crashes and it crashes right in the middle of important quests!!!! Please fix!!!!!
A: Please kindly read related guidance or follow this thread ( to report such issue with related details including full names of quests or other necessary information as well. We look forward to fixing it once confirmed.

Q: I am downloading the apps at tapjoy, and getting no gold. Just downloaded which worth 53 gold and didn't get any reward.
A: Please read or follow the related guidance by visiting: Thank you.

Q: Today's daily log-in reward won't show in item box.
A: You can receive the reward if elgibile, as it is automatically delivered by the system. Tips: It is 7 days a cycle for the login reward. On the 8th day, or if you missed, you will receive Day 1 reward as the counting restarts. Please tap Reward after popup, or tap the apostrophe icon under the avatar to tap Reward under LoginReward tab. You cannot receive reward if your bag is full as a normal game setting. Please tap Use ASAP for the item in bag if the item is time-limited.

Q:I bought a king tiger and I noticed the suit effect doesn't work .. Is it bugged ?
A: sorry for the confusing. It is not bugged. The other part of the whole set is not released yet. We suggest you to keep it if you'd like to check the suit effect when available. Thank you.

Q: Griffin talent bug shown as "(Talent)BUG_594_1"
A: Fixed

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