Manchester United £ 100,000 Bought 16- Year-olds Superior Skills To Impress The Red Devils

Two days ago, Manchester ( Manchester United News , Manchester data ) boss Sir Alex Ferguson claimed , has acquired after Powell ( Powell news, Powell to speak ) and Shinji Kagawa , the Red Devils this summer should they sign one or two players. News came out, the fans excitedly spread the news , rejoiced , and discuss who would be candidates for Ferguson mouth . But the real news came to the Red Devils fans may be depressed because of a recent acquisition actually just bought a 16 -year-old child ! " Daily Mail" said the Manchester United spent 10 million pounds price, from England B team Exeter City team signed a 16 -year-old midfielder Sean Goss , the news was followed by Exeter City team 's official website confirmed . Sean Goss from Crediton Dayton , midfielder , from 8 -year-old is Exeter Center of Excellence ( top young players, focus on training ) , a member of last season in the midfield , on behalf of Exeter U16 team scored 13 goals . Early this year, a trial in the Netherlands , the Goss outstanding performance impressed the Manchester United, Manchester United won the invitation and has been officially opened on Monday his Red Devils career. Goss very excited to join Manchester United : "In the past few days was incredible , I could see the Manchester United first team players , using the most advanced training facility , which is totally different world ." As a Manchester native, Goss said I was going to work harder : "As the most solid supporters of Manchester United and Exeter City team's fans , this is simply fantastic life as long as I continue to work hard , it will be improved , my family is nearby . so I'm sure this will help me .In addition,when talking about Premier League soccer jerseys,many fans love to wear the tottenham jersey 2014, It is now very popular! Well, let's go on talking about soccer news.. " of course , in the end 16 -year-old Goss Ferguson said count is one of two new signings in doubt , because there are more big players in Manchester United 's field of vision . " Daily Star" said Manchester United 's interest in Everton ( Everton data ) binary Fellaini and Baines , Everton manager David Moyes has been so very worried , because he is hoping to leave their this two aces. In the eyes of many , Manchester United this summer, will buy Baines bent , replace already no longer have the courage of Patrice Evra , David Moyes is also aware of the situation , but he hopes to try to save his best " assets " he said in an interview , said: " our players are always interested in someone , because we have very good players but we will not easily sell them because we are trying to build a strong team. ." lips say no willing to lose their ace, but Moyes seems to have to lose those players ready : "Of course , you will always be a time of losing good players , but we will retain most of the players , and then try to supplement we need players . "金雷德罗巴leave, Ferguson expressed their views. As Chelsea manager in the Premier League 's biggest rival Manchester United , Sir Alex Ferguson said the Blues have a decisive role in freeing the top scorer was a mistake, he is very happy to hear this news . Not long ago, Chelsea announced that Drogba will switch to Shanghai Shenhua in the summer , this is after Anelka , Shenhua signed with the Blues second main striker . According to British media reports , Drogba Shenhua will receive £ 200,000 weekly salary , became the richest man in Super League . According to the plan , Drogba will arrived there this week , and then every two weeks , Manchester United will visit Shanghai , with Shenhua warm-up match . Because Drogba and Anelka , Shenhua game contains Manchester United and Manchester United VS Chelsea Premiership against the elements . Two weeks after coming Ferguson led Manchester United against Shenhua before Drogba to leave Chelsea for his views . In Ferguson 's view, Manchester United on their own , this is good news , rival bid farewell to one of its most important players , and the players can continue to play the value of Europe's top clubs. "When you see Drogba last season 's performance, I must say , he left Chelsea is a great encouragement to us , he can scored a beautiful goal in the final two minutes of time left . So critical feed ball , only he can do . " Ferguson explained , " He's contest, the final scoring record is incredible , in my point of view, he is a Chelsea win the Champions League . " Drogba at Chelsea for eight years , it was the Blues became the biggest title rivals Manchester United former overlord time . Since 20,042,005 season, Chelsea and Manchester United shared seven league titles , Drogba will win the Premier League Golden Boot two seasons . Blues center Manchester United three goals scored in total , including 20,062,007 FA Cup final last season , with Didier Drogba scored in overtime the last time the audience 's only goal , Chelsea took the championship.
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