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An embossed business card is exactly what you need to help jump start your new company. From networking to meeting with potential clients, business cards are highly regarded as a classic method of introducing yourself in a creative manner. Depending on your design, you can easily brainstorm ideas to create a vibrant and flawlessly designed template. High quality full color printing with the use CMYK and Pantone Color Matching System can help you to create an impeccable glossy design with contrasting colors. A good method to introduce your brand or your portfolio is with a customized embossed business card. With embossed cards, these luxuriously created designs create a raised or even a low depth effect to the logo or text of your choice. This texturized effect instantly gives a unique expression to the appearance of the card. The tool of the trade is thermography, which is used in printing to create this impression. This method will give your embossed designed a one-of-a-kind. These high quality business card come in different styles such as blind embossing where no ink is used on the embossed design. What's so special about Embossed Business Cards? To start with, an embossed design is created with the brand logo or specific text raised from the card to create a 3 Dimensional effect. As an effective tool to promote yourself, you have a variety of options to customize your design. With several other materials to choose from, you have plenty of options to add a personal touch to your business cards. It's important to promote yourself in any given situation whether you are looking for a new job or a promotional opportunity. With materials and finishes including glossy, matte, laminated finishing and coating, you can create a business card that will withstand any wear and tear. Choosing a design for your card can be done with the help from a pre-made template or create your very own. For ideas, you can search various major multinational business cards for inspirations. It's suggested to select a minimalistic background with a basic font style. Depending on your business, choose a sophisticated design or if you are in the creative field you can get away with bright and bold colors to create a strikingly vivid card design. When it comes to embossing your design, choose your brand logo, your name or a small design. You want to make sure to not choose a large sized embossed design since it will look unappealing. With a minimalistic design, your card will look polished with an innovative impression. Keeping cost in mind, choose an affordable and reliable printing company. This includes low cost, high quality printing, free services and 27/7 customer service. Avail free services such as free shipping and free proofing to save even more money on your order. Make a statement with your business cards today and throw out your plain old cards.
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