So now you give us 3 events all bundled together nicely.. Barely enough time in a week to do one and you put 3 together.. Worst part.. TWO of the THREE do not reset so we have NO WAY of collecting the pieces needed to get the rewards.. What the heck guys? And i wasted 350 silver buying tickets to the training institute only to find out i CANT COLLECT LOVE STONES BECAUSE THE QUEST WONT RESET.. THE KINGS SOUL QUEST WONT RESET.. Geez how many broken ass, half ass, expensive asssss events are you gonna feed us?
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    Hi all, sincere apology for all the inconvenience caused. The reset problem is a known issue to the relevant department and it will be fixed ASAP. There's no reason for us not to fix it ASAP if we can. Thank you.

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