I cannot log into Sagas of Conquest. Inplay on android.For some reason I need a Lakoo id. If anyone knows to make one on droid tell me.

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    Hi Micheal,

    Please provide the name/ID of characters involved by contacting us ASAP by writing to via game-account-bound email address. We will check for you. Thank you.


    You may use "Forgot Password" to retrieve/reset the password of your account via email address bound to the related account, before you try log in again.

    If no email is bound to the account/login ID, please provide the UDID/IMEI/MEID of your device you used to log in the account/character and a valid email address bound to no game account yet so that we can bind the account to the email address for you if we can confirm your account ownership.

    Android user mostly can check in Setting-General-About-Phone Status for IMEI/MEID code. For iDevice user, you can download the app: UDID+ (Free) from your local App-Store to acquire the UDID of your iDevice. The download link:


    • What to do if account lost after updating your game client version?

    You are strongly suggested to ensure your game account is bound, and bound only, to 1 email address against misoperation/malfunction in game. If not, please contact the GM in game ASAP by providing the related details involved:

    i) Account/Login ID or Character name/ID;

    ii) Email address;

    iii) IMEI/MEID/UDID.

    However, before contacting the GM, please confirm:

    1). Your character(s) under the account are lost, not deleted by mistake;

    2). Your character(s) actually exists on Bosnia, for instance, when you thought it exists on Arcadia;

    and please understand:

    a) You do not have login screen yet if you just install the game on a new device or you logged in 1 game account only on your device;

    b) Please relog in to have login screen or enable login screen function after logging in the game via two game accounts at least;

    c) If you do not have two game accounts, you can tap Register (next to Login or above Site as the attached) to create a new game account by inputting ID, Password and E-mail (a valid email address bound to no game account yet). If there's some system prompt including "...Empty" or "...internet connection", please try several more times by following instructions accordingly. Please tap slower or wait longer for some devices when creating or binding for each step. You are strongly suggested to bind the account to a valid email address bound to no game account yet, by tapping More-Setup-Account, inputting the email address when creating account and tapping Reg., before you check the email box to follow instructions accordingly within 24 hours (Please redo to try again if the link is invalid or expires);

    d) If you automatically logged in the game on new device via account/character generated by the system, which is designed for better and easier game experience, you can tap More-Setup-Account-Bind accordingly before relogging in to switch to another game account.

    e) If the account name or Lakoo/login ID is bound to a valid email address bound to no other game account, you may use "Forgot Password" to retrieve/reset the password of your account via the valid email address;

    f) If no email is bound to the account/login ID, please provide the UDID/IMEI/MEID of your device you used to log in the account/character and a valid email address bound to no game account yet so that we can bind the account to the email address for you if we can confirm your account ownership;

    g) Your account problem is beyond our reach if there's no login records in past three months;

    h) The game account system adjustment is aimed at game account/system security. All our player's personal/private information, including UDID/IMEI/MEID, will be handled in a confidential manner;

    i) You can search for the key word(s) as Lakoo on App Store or Saga of Conquest on Google Play Store to download the latest game client version.

    Tips: Please take good care of your game account and device. We do not handle any request for problem caused by account/device sharing/buying/selling, which violates our terms of use ( Our processing can be based on system records only. The behavior or data not in game are beyond our reach to investigate or interfere.



    Best regards,


    Lakoo Customer Service

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    Chris White

    why do you guys give out generic info that doesnt help, do you not read your own forums or facebook page? for some people there is only a login button and no others like in that screen shot above so its impossible to register an account, its been this way for months now and people are pasting it all over your facebook page and on googleplay and in these forums i dont know if you guys are lazy or just dont care but all you do is either ignore the issue or just copy and paste the same info as above.

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    piyush Mehra

    its the same in my case.
    it just shows the login button and no other button.

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    Hi all, sincere apology for any misunderstanding/inconvenience caused. For related updates, please visit: Thank you.

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    gm help me fix my account i forgot my lock protection now i cannot use or buy some item please gm help me

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    Hi Jhaypz, if your server is actually in Chinese or not Arcadia/Bosnia/Maya, please log in our official website: and select 帝国online and 帐号修复 and 忘记安全令 to follow the related guidance accordingly. We will process your case within 3-5 working days. You can check the feedback in “My application” after logging in your account. Thank you. Tips: If you cannot read Chinese or follow our guidance as mentioned above, you are strongly suggested to download and install our English version of this game via iOS at App Store or Android device at Google Play Store. Thank you.

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