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There are two main types of photography - commercial photography and retail photography. Retail photography includes pet, family, party and wedding pictures, etc. Whereas commercial photography involves those pictures that are taken and published in order to support marketing and advertising campaigns of business entities. Most retail photographers do not posses either the necessary skills and expertise or the required equipment for working on business shoots for annual reports or other highly charged deadline based assignments. If you want to assume retail photography as a career then you must keep in mind certain things. First of all you must decide what type of retail photographer you want to become. Are you interested in taking wedding pictures? Do you want to take family and pet portraits only? Can you shoot just about anywhere or will you need a proper studio in order to start working? What will be your niche market? The best way to advertise yourself and your work is through word of mouth and referrals. You can also find your prospective clients, both private and commercial, through the internet in local creative directories. The American Advertising Federation and other such organizations are also very good sources for finding clients. Building a nice and impressive Portfolio The first task of an aspiring retail photographer is to find a few subjects and take their snaps. For starters, you need to create a collection of your works that showcase your expertise in taking pictures of retail products. You must also make up your mind right in the beginning as to what kind of work you would like to do; whether you want to take pictures of food items, technological products, clothes or jewelry. Select a few subjects and take their snaps. You may need to build a makeshift studio for this purpose. You will also need a few sources of light to carry on with your project. Searching for prospective clients After having built the required portfolio of your retail photography works, you can contact the retailers in your locality. The stores that work on their own will be more open to your offer since they do not need anyone's approval to go forward with a plan. Get you business cards printed that contain all the necessary contact and other information. Setup an online portfolio of your work so that it is easily available for everyone to see. Approach your prospective clients with confidence and give it your best.
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