Samsung Galaxy S4

As the manager of a Samsung Galaxy S4, are you sure you are making the very best usage of it? This phone is fairly expensive and it surely includes a number of fantastic features, but if you do not know about the features available you're not making good use of the phone. These Samsung Galaxy S4 tips will ensure that you make the very best usage of this wise phone:

The selection that permits this feature can be brought about by holding down the rear button.

2. Use your eyeballs to make your phone do various things: The front camera of the phone could be permitted to monitor your eyes to be able to achieve a variety of things. For just one, the screen will not dim provided that you keep taking a look at it. You can even tilt your mind in order to scroll up and down web pages or emails. This feature is recognized as Smart Screen.

3. Use your telephone without touching it: Samsung Galaxy S4 Air View is a extremely popular feature. You can preview e-mails, photograph pictures and so forth. merely by going at them. You can even verify notifications on your telephone in this manner and never have to lay a hand on it. If you need certainly to improve your screen then all you've to complete is place at it for a few seconds. You've to keep your finger approximately 2 cms from the screen.

4. Answer your phone just by waving your hand over the screen. You can even enable a feature called Palm Motion in order to take a screen-shot of the telephone merely by moving your palm over it.

5. Provide voice commands to record a video or take photographs. Once you enable this feature, all you've to do is say 'Cheese' to get photos and 'Record Videos' in order to do the needful.

As you is able to see, there are quite a few of good use functions open to you because the person of this completely new smart-phone. Receiving info on Samsung Galaxy S4 just how to tips will let you have the maximum benefit from your fancy new phone. Further Information over here.
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