What?! We have to pay to challenge Abyss?!!!

lakoo, you gotta be kidding me.

you already give us horrible prizes from super winter packs that we pay GOOD MONEY for, and now you expect us to PAY MORE for something that has been free all along?  your greed is disgusting.  pretty soon, you'll start charging to fix our equipment (don't take that as a suggestion).

make abyss free to challenge, PLEASE!!  you're only discouraging more people to not participate in events, thus not have fun and leave the game.  what's worse, letting us challenge abyss for free (like it's always been) or having no players for your  game that had so much potential?

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    Hi noa, we are very sorry if any misunderstanding was caused. There's free way to challenge. Please communicate with more of our players for more details. Thank you.

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    yes, there's an arduous way to challenge Abyss 40/60, but no alternative other thank forking over 350 silver to challenge Abyss Reflection.

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    Aidan fehr

    Dj, people in here DO NOT want to spend 2 f-Ing hours farming a level 30 f-ing area with 0 xp.. What part of that do you not understand?? This is complete bullsh1t.. You guys are destroying your own game with your greed. When you make things actually worth paying for people will pay.. You are making EVERYTHING COST MONEY!!! Greedy greedy.. I've been loyal paying customer for over two years now.. Now i just play.. No more pay because you continue to stick your hands out but only to take.. Never give.

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