Altonia Ruins B problem.

There seems to be a problem at Altonia Ruins B quest (the one with the prize of Altonia Pouch) There is no exclamation point with the angel at Altonia Ruins B. I guess this started when the new quest there popped up. (the other angel at Altonia ruins A). I have been doing this so many times and i thought this is just a bug so I ignored it. But this had been taking so long I thought your going to see it and fix it. Please See. Fix. Help. If i am wrong about this report. Could you please tell us how the hell where going to get that pouch now? Thank you. Please do not answer (We are going to see what we can do). Just do it first and answer that you've fixed it. Thanks again.
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    Dan Adonis Herbias

    Plus that Altonia Ruins quest from Melo Dina of Altonia B has nothing too. Its just a waste of letters and exclamation point!

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