Best Cars To Restore

Restoration is an expensive proposition. Even when you can perform a lot of the work oneself, it really is nonetheless going to price you a tidy five-figure sum to get the needed parts, materials and paint supplies necessary to transform an old vehicle from a worn-out relic to a dazzling show beauty.
If you have decided to restore a specific old car since you've a longstanding attachment to that model and aren't concerned about its value or whether or not components may be simply found, then we applaud you--that mindset need to be the principal concentrate of this great hobby of ours. Nevertheless, in the event you enjoy old car restoration but prefer your projects to be simple and fairly inexpensive to do--with, probably, the added bonus of producing a couple of dollars on it when it really is done--then these are the vehicles you should contemplate for the subsequent venture.
Needless to say, the majority of those vehicles will not make you stand aside from the crowd at a show or cruise-in, but you'll be able to complete their restoration far faster and a entire lot more affordable than in the event you chose a vehicle that was uncommon, or had only been produced for any couple of years.
An additional aspect to consider will be the actual purchase price tag on the auto. Whilst some of the cars listed here may be bought for around $5,000, other folks will price 4 instances as a lot even though they're basket cases--but preserve in mind that those higher-priced vehicles will also bring four instances the money when sold, so it sort of equals out.
However the one particular widespread feature enjoyed by most of these cars--and the main cause why they're on this list--is that they're backed by a huge components supply, producing them a good deal simpler to restore than anything rare like a Pierce-Arrow, a Forties-era De Soto or perhaps a V-16 Cadillac. The availability of an extensive line of reproduction components, specially new body panels and exterior trim, makes restoring these vehicles incredibly simple. In reality, their restoration will likely be so uncomplicated that you'll locate your self enthusiastic about undertaking much more restorations in years to come.
At times going mainstream has its advantages.

Ford Thunderbird 1961-66
If you can't afford an early 'Bird, then these models are the next best thing, and a whole lot sleeker, too. We love the square 'Birds, but they still don't command the same level of interest as the early Sixties models, although that is changing. Each year, more and more parts are reproduced for these '60s Ford Thunderbirds, making restoration easier, although not nearly as easy to the 1955-57 'Birds (for which nearly every part is available). Demand is on the increase for these 'Birds, yet prices are still relatively low. And they sell quickly, too.

cars for salePlymouth Barracuda 1967-69
Although reproduction body panels aren't as readily available as they are for the 1970-74 E-body Plymouth Barracuda, more and more parts are being reproduced each year. Factory-correct interiors are now available, along with other trim items, making restoration of these good-looking pony cars a bit easier than before.
All mechanical parts are available, including a long list of aftermarket performance parts. Prices on project cars still hover in the $3,000 to $6,000 range, depending on body style. The fastback body seems to be the most desirable, and with E-body values beyond the reach of young enthusiasts, these Barracudas make a fine alternative.

More restored cars

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