Two (2) weird craft bugs.

Hi dj. I am a player from maya ID 87037,  I would like to report 2 bugs. One i encoutered about 2 days ago with the new GD event npc where you can remelt your surifen items to energy surifen. When i crafted surifen boots to energy surifen the sockets stayed (5 physical hit +3 gems) but the pylon effects dissapeared. I mailed custumer service but i only get automated responses telling me that they can recover the original item, but its not replying if i can get back my craft materials and GC too. The other bug I'm reporting is with the S1 equipment craft npc at tortivocan city, I tried to craft s1 enranged king yan helm (perfect), i have all the materials, king yan archer helm(perfect), 10 honor medals and 200gc. But when I finished crafting, i did not get any s1 helm but instead it gave me just king yan helm (perfect). Please help me with these issues. Thanks!

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