Tapjoy App/Offer Issue

Hi all,

If you have questions/problems like the following:

I cant access any free gold coin in game.. No apps were shown that available for me to download. Thx helping

Hey I want my old tapjoy back!!! Why everything is not free anymore? Give it back!

Im trying to get gold coins through apps, but there are no more apps to download. None are showing up in the free coins screen. Plz fix ASAP

We are informed by Tapjoy that you will need to create an account through There is a message before the users see the current list of offers directing you to to earn credits for completing free offers. We hope this may help you. Thank you.

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    I've made many accounts trying to get it to work, now im using one account to try. I havent gotten 1gc sense we had to start using the website. Im running it on ipad and no dont say contact them or you. You say contact them and they say contact you

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    Permanently deleted user

    Dear !PYROZ!,

    Thank you for your email.

    Sorry about your case, for better solve your problem, please write an email with your device's UDID/IMEI, Lakoo ID (Login ID) and how many golds are missing to our , we will further check for you.

    If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards,


    Lakoo Customer Service

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