Non-stop crash at title

I have reinstalled the game twice on ios. I have managed to play once for 5 minutes before the game crashing. The game crashes at start up screen. I cant seem to find the problem. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Kevin Kinnunen

    I am its soooo slow and always crasges!!!

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    Hi all, as we explained to Kevin, you are recommended to search for the key word(s) as Lakoo on App Store or Saga of Conquest on Google Play Store to download the latest game client version for best game experience, though we are very sorry that there may be game client lagging/crash occasionally for some devices, especially when fighting/teleporting/teaming up, as this game contains rich content needing, for instance, enough device memory support, though we are working hard for optimization. We hope we can complete the optimization ASAP as well for better performance for more devices in near future. Thank you. Tips: Before the improvement/optimization, you are suggested to restart your device or relog in or clear memory trash to maintain enough/good device/memory support before crash/lagging, and not to run other apps simultaneously and not to play our game too long each time. Sincere apology for any inconvenience caused.

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