One fast update u may want to make

I think i speak for every single player when i say this: if the reward for defeating hard crazy knight isnt a GARENTEED 100% chance of getting a new permenant event mount or pet then you will have some Incredibly angry players. The hard mode isnt impossible but its only a notch below at our current power. If we beat the "unbeatable" then u can expect us to be mad as hell if the reward is some gem or even an ordinary epic. Im srry to make this seem rude but im trying to warn u exactly how important a good reward for defeating this quest is. This is easily the hardest quest in the entire game (that our server has seen) and no one has beat it yet, its only fair that if it is beaten the victors should get some sort of great reward. By the way great work with the event by the way, aside from a lack of prizes its near perfect.
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