Thunderbolt help in Grave Hill

Well I play in a android I dont know if that matters, but the problem that I have is that I cannot go into grave hill I does not appear on my map, nor I cannot go by Going into hero instances because when I talk to the Grave Hills (lvl35) she tells me that in order to go in I must complete, the lvl 35 mission with Parisa. Then she will tp me, but Parisa never gave me a lvl 35 mission. I did the other quest with her before I was a lvl 35. And when I had someone tp me into grave hills, the npc girl says that she must solve the crisis before she can teach me thunderbolt. But she DOESNT meantion what the cricis is. Can someone help me get thunderbolt and figure out what is happening with my char. Thank You

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    Kitara Airbinder

    I think Quest Parisa only for Warrior caracter :)

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    Carlos Huizar

    I am a lvl 45 warrior

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    Jeremy Cummings

    You have to fin graves hill in order to activate that quest. Now the other ? Nordic or eastland warrior? There are class n region locks on all missions. If you can get someone to port to graves hill that works also. I am sham character so I have to get friend to port me.

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