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Players with sword builds and spear builds are suffering in this game and it's really boring for us. Sword really has no AOE skill I can think of and in pvp we have no chance. All other classes have chaos and holds meanwhile we have nothing besides one that hurts our whole team too it's not fair. I would like a skill where with a sword or spear you can be immune to hold and chaos like at lvl 1 its 15% chance of not being effected n so on and them things since we don't have a chaos skill this would make pvp a lot more fun since it would take more strategy and not just first to get a chaos off wins also the bug where you equip armor then reset stats and go all agi isn't fair either and I know you don't wanna fix it cause it makes you a lot of money but it's not right or fun for us we need harder longer dailies with better rewards and make silver cheaper it's not right
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    This is impossible, how can u immune to those chaos and hold. What's the use of a curser/ saber class if warrior have those skill. -_-"

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    Kitara Airbinder

    My opinion, There is a way to complete the task. It's like the Titan 40 become trough, everyone desperata, but we find the way to complete the task :) this the game that all we need :)

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