Bosnia Bay - Teleport error

If you use the West Portal, you will be teleported to the map "Sorabi". There you can no longer move.
One can only teleport away with a teleport stone.
On the mini-map you can also see that I'm probably outside the map. (Yellow small dot at the lower outer edge)
Device: iPhone 4
iOS Version: 6.1.2
Thank you for your help.
regards JackyMono

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    Hi Jacky, thanks for your kind report. We have arranged the relevant department to look into your problem. We will keep you informed once any update is available. Thank you. Tips: There may be delay as it is weekend here currently. Your understanding is highly appreciated. If you cannot move, you are suggested to contact GM in game ASAP.

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    Hi Jacky, sorry for the waiting. Our relevant department have checked and fixed this problem already, please log in game to check again. Thank you for your support on optimizing the game, please feel free to let us know if you find any similar problem in the future. Thank you. Enjoy the game. :)

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    Hi dj and Alyvia,

    this has been corrected so insanely fast. Thank you for that. It is now much more pleasant to walk there. ^^

    I would like to report similar errors when I notice them.

    Thanks and regards Jacky

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