Dark Fastness - Validation failed

In the city "Dark Fastness" is an NPC named "Yamka". (14,11)
He gives you the quest "Problems of Outland Tumulus".
If you accept the quest, the error comes and you have not accepted the quest.
If you talk to the NPC again and want to accept the quest, the error repeats.


Error message:

"[S] System :
Validation failed, please contact GM
Error: 226"

Server: Arcadia Line 1
Player ID: 65103

Device: iPhone 4
iOS Version: 6.1.2

Thank you for your help.
Regards Jacky

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    Hi Jacky, thanks for your kind report. We have arranged the relevant department to look into your problem. We will keep you informed once any update is available. Thank you. Tips: There may be delay as it is weekend here currently. Your understanding is highly appreciated. If you cannot move, you are suggested to contact GM in game ASAP.

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    CS Zendesk

    Hi Jacky, thanks for your kind report.  This problem has been solved.  Please check it in game. Thank you for your support and enjoy the game.:)

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