Empire Rules

Declared War: The initiating side will set up an amount to be decided as the war fee. Once the defensive side has accepted the amount, the same amount will be take from both empire's treasury and given to the winner of the war.
Forced War:If the defensive side does not agree (or cannot afford) the war fee. The war will be considered a forced war. The Defensive side can decide whether to pay or not to pay just before the war starts. In a forced war, if the initiating empire wins, a random building of the defensive side will lose one level; also, 5% of all six resources will be taken away. If the initiating empire loss, the defensive side will gain all of the war fee suggested by the initiating empire

 War Declaring Conditions (Only subjected to the initiating side): 1. Once the War fee is decided, the Emperor will be submitting the War Fees. 2. An empire can only declare war to the same empire once every three days. 3. Empire level differences within 3 and above cannot be declared war. 4. The empire being declared war must be in an appropriate state. (ie. The empire isn’t being protected or already declared war on.) 5. After a war, an empire can only declare war after 24 hours of the war end time. 6. Two empires that already fought each other cannot declare war against each other until 48 hours after their previous war.
When the war starts, players can enter the battlefield from their Empire’s entrance. Rule of Thumb: 1. Both parties start with 1000 Empire Health. Killing a pack of enemy NPCs will reduce their Empire Health by 5. Once an empire’s health reaches zero or the empire with fewer health after 1 hour will be the loser. Raising your empire Barracks will raise your Empire NPCs’ abilities. 2. Maps: One map represents each side of the war with the corresponding NPCs. 3. Player Killing Players can attack the enemy empire’s players when the two empires are at war.

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