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so yeah i have 2 accounts on empire online like most people, but i bound my alt account to my email and when i went back on to that ipod all the accounts that were there are gone and the character it displays r only from my main ipod, and i cant get bk my alt account cause it didnt have a user name or password nor does the app hav a log in- log out option, also i cant send screen shots like you said because my alt accounts gone

the reason i bound my account to email was because i thought that was a way of making the email a username in which i can log into on my android since i am getting rid of my second ipod.

i had spent quiet abit of gold/silver/time on that account so i would like you to mail me the username and password to the Email that i set as bound account.

This probably looks like im trying to hack an account but im not. My accounts did just get wiped out after i bound it to the email

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    Vincent Thein

    the accounts on the secondary ipod were

    v-blitz(shaman) , lv55 has max raging axe and throw axe

    (music note)maria(music note) shaman has lv21 mana tide

    (star)maria(star) hunter lv 22 

    (star)Vin(star) = kff lv 41 has my only non bound refresher on it


    The previous character i deleted on there was V-gun, lv50 articifer with a bound azrael neckless equpped


    i am writing this list of character as proof of owner ship

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    Hi Vincent,

    To deal with your personal account problems, please send the request to to our customer service.

    I hope this may help you.

    Best regards,


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    how do recovered my account

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    Hi F3311131, to better assist your problem, please contact GM in game directly or provide your account/character name/ID with game server you used to log in to Our stuff will help to further check for you ASAP, thank you. 

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