A quest trouble

In the city of Carmi (12,8) is an NPC with the name "Lady Sasha".
From it you can accept the quest "Doubts".
You have to collect 10 "Srange Dust". That are dropped by monsters "Giant Golem" in "Dragon Cave".

He says: "Did you say Blake sent you here? I haven't seen him for a while.
No wonder Lili is waiting by the door for him every day. But I need some evidence first...
You should get 10 Strange Dusts from Dragon Cave for me, you can get them from Giant Golem.

I have already killed more than 300, but get nothing drops off. What am I doing wrong?
Or is this a bug? And why are they called as the "Dragon Cave"?
On the world map it's called "Mystical Cave A".
When I'm there, the map name is also "Mystical Cave A".
I have asked other players, but they could not help me.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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