Player-to-Player trading system

So, here's my suggestion TO END SCAMMING!!!

When we sell an item to another player, we can charge a fee.  Why not expand upon this system?  When TRADING items, one player sends a message attached with the item he/she wants to trade, and just like how we charge a fee, we could charge the desired item.  SO SIMPLE!!!

I know there are a lot of items, but like how the Trading Post is narrowed down, you could find the item that you want to trade for by select (in the case for Ire of Abyss – I want one!!!) Spaulder, Epic, Level 55+ and be led to a list of gear and then select the desired item.  This would require Lakoo to inventory all the gear/items on the game, but with a little work, you'll have A LOT more enjoyable and safer game. 

Lakoo, I urge you to implement any system to prevent scamming.  These players are ruining the game for others, which in the end will lose business for you.  Save yourself ALL THE TROUBLE and provide a safe trading system.  It's what's best for you and the players.

Thank you for reading and I hope this leads to some  sort of solution.  It's long awaited.

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    i totally agree with this system. we need it. less work for you and better for us .

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    Hi all, thank you for your suggestion/feedback on the system. We always encourage our players' feedback for the game improvement. Please feel free to let us know if you have more to share with us. For now, to avoid being scammed, we sincerely suggest that our players should trade via the Trading Post in game, the only official trading channel. Other trading channels, especially item/coins for item/cash/coins by in-game mail, are not under our protection and you have to afford any possible risk/loss on your own. Thanks for your support.

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    DJ, I have one question.  What does Lakoo stand to lose by implementing a safe player-to-player trading system as I have described?

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    Janet Sarmiento

    these should be implement to avoid scam especialy to other use which is new. another suggestion, the player to player trading should be more caring like inputing the amount copper,silver and gold coins. the other user which is making a deal for trading cannot accept it once your not still pressing the button yes. i hope it will be helpful and it be absolutely helpful to users. better than mail trading.

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