Auto skill issues


I had entered a Lakoo support case cause I noticed my auto skill buff was getting cancelled.  I have an Artificer using the Holy Cannonball auto (which takes 2 buff slots.)  Support determined that this is how EO is intended to work.  There are 3 slots for buffs and 3 slots for debuffs.  So if  players in my team goes after me that have team buffs it is possible that my buffs could get bumped off.  First of all, I do not think that is a good system.  I choose a build and skills for a specific reason and do not want those skills getting cancelled.  I think Lakoo should revise thier buff system so that player self buffs take precedence over team buffs and do not get bumped off.  Secondly, I found that my buff gets cancelled even when there are not more than 3 other buffs going off.  Particularly when there is Battle Aura in the team.  I can send screen shots showing that I have only one buff (not my own) and where I am held (Holy Cannonball should prevent me from being held.  I hope that Lakoo development QA team takes a look at this a little more closely.


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