Much needed game suggestions/Improvements

Well there's a couple of things that could potentially make this game shine even more brighter than it already is. 1) Market/Money Price system: A majority of players have no idea what a particular item is potentially worth, perhaps you have that epic item and you want to make some good copper from it but have no idea of what to price it. I suggest that you establish prices for all items from ranges of low-medium-high, bargaining and trading would really make this game a work of art. 2) The Empire: Probably the most important components in this game, I suggest making a clan chat(An easy one) •Clan Board notice- This should be located somewhere in the middle of an empire, where events could be set up by the emperor , generals, or anyone in the empire[Up to emperor who can do what, settings for board should be accessible by him only] 3) Adventurers Pub/Den: I don't suggest the use of alcohol but I have seen so much players just hang out and talk, which is entirely fine. There should be an area where people could hang out and play some sort of mini games •Gambling- Be creative, gamble items and money •Tic-Tac Toe[Who knows, killing time could be fun] •I think of more lol 4) Resources: Okay one of the most essential aspects of an empire is the resources, there has to be some other way to gain resources. Perhaps a Npc worker center, you put a certain amount of Coppercoins/Silvercoins/Goldcoins and this should send out worker to generate resources though it will take times[Hours and maybe days even, depending on how much you invest on resource workers/gatherers] •3 Base Categories- Lumberer, Miner, Stonesmith. So basically investing into these categories will get you your desired wood, stone cobble, or Ore. Alrighty this is all I have so far, I think this would make this a fun ad potent game. Thanks for reading! -Emperor Zetta: COSMOS Empire
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    Hi Zetta, thanks for your suggestions with detailed description on the keys of our game. We can read your enthusiasm and support to our game between the words and lines. Obviously you are one of our players who know our game structure well as a wise emperor.  Thanks to support from our players like you, we believe we will bring you better and better game experience. Thank you.

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