Lakoo, If you are going to make a new server, like Bosnia, then you should have a server just for U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Australia...another server, like Arcadia, for Asia and Indonesia...and lastly a server for Europe. Each of the regions has different financial stresses and ways of playing the game. This has been common practice in for Blizzard Entertainment and it works great for the players and staff. Thank you, X
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    Moonlite has thousand and thousands of player. I don't see them in Empire online. Daily online number at most 700 people ( accumulate a day.). Add more server just hurt Lakoo's financial debit. The new coming player's contribution of real money can not balance to open a new server. Thats why. Every thing is depend on how much lakoo has earned and will earn. Btw, smaller server ( less people playing) will not build a stable TP(trade post, or trading market).

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    Many players from the U.S. have quit because they don't want to play against the 'Asian Try-Hard' method that turns a game into an idol. People from the U.S. wanted to have fun, not deal with a group of obsessed foreigners (not all people from other countries, just ones that are total overkill) that buy and sell outside the game on their own 'Empire' websites. I know this is the reason many of my friends quit.

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    Vincent Thein

    U can't really call it forigners as they built the game but. I wouldn't mind splittin a new server just for the rp cuz we spent money on game more than them an at least play the game . Make rp a new server an make them money cuz they don't spend time/money/ effort on the game

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    Managing a global server is quite hard. But we still managed over 18 months and launched a new server!

    Thanks for your suggestion. But currently like moonlite said, we need enough players to keep the gameworld running.

    Empire Online takes time to play, it is like the classic MMORPG on PC. And it is the motivation we make this game.

    We are trying to make the early stage of the game easier and faster for new players. So they can play with you guys after a reasonable time. There will be several events and changes for this.

    We will see what happens.



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