GM -->Pets Fusing/Mergring Suggestions/Objections

Hello Lakoo and Players,

Recent rumors about pet fusions/merging caused excitment in the EO community. Such possiblities seem to endless and a great addition, however, I recently saw the stats of the fairy merge (which we have named it a Harpy). This pet is absurd, its so overpowered, and creates a massive massive unbalance. This isn't like how artificers are OP in order to encourage players to spend money, this is a 850+ dodge pet with 30k hp nothing can touch you or your pet insane. Pictures, stats have been all over the shogun facebook page about this pet. There is no way a pet should be this good, I do agree something needs to be done to improve pets but this is over the top.

Pets should be broken down into 5 easy to follow categories:

1. original or base version of the pet (like you can buy their pet eggs) / 2. magic version (same pet type but has magic def or magic ability) / 3. unique version (like the rare form specialty of the pet.. panda, ryouga, leaf fairy). 4. merged (combining same pet type/species with the same type/species to produce the same pet.. sword+sword=sword fairy+fairy=fairy)    5. Pet fusion. Each pet will have its base pet which needs to be fused with another breed/species it would create a brand new pet which would take a form similiar to the two pets being combined. As shown below, pig+demon= fire pig which would add the high str and con of the demon's base stats with the talent of the legendary pig pet.

Here are some examples and suggestions on how specific pets should be organized to make it easy. Each pet can be upgraded 1-5 times each time adding skills or bettering the talent or just improving the pet overall.

How a fairy would be broken down:

1. original legendary fairy talent lvl4 (this is the optimal pet someone would purchase its egg and open)  2. the leaf fairy (would be the magic or magic def version of #1 base pet) it provides good wil stats which helps a fairy magic defense   3. rare t5 fairy(always #3 pets will be a rare version of the original pet) provides a boost to its talent (like fairy talent of base fairy would improve like from t4 to t5 as the case is now)   4. merging a legendary fairy with either #1, #2 or #3 form would create a boost to its talent (if merged with #3) or a boost to its magic defense (if merged with #2). Also two legendary fairies (#1 base fairies) would create a new pet (harpy) with boosts to agi, dex, base speed and a small increase in hp/mp.    5. Fusing a pet means combining the pet with a pet of another 'species' meaning you could take a talent from another pet like azreal (would give your legendary fairy the azrael talent) or another example fusing with golden sword (would send golden sword talent to fairy giving it a small ele resistence boost). The goal is to create a easy to follow guide by establishing a chart and pet species progression.

1. legendary fairy  2. leaf fairy 3. t5 fairy  4. harpy  5. unique pet based on what the base pet+fused pet are (so like fairy+demon creates a fire fairy giving it more con and str base or fairy+merfolk provides wil and int base from the merfolk applied to the fairy).

Sword Pet Chain:

1. legendary sword pet   2. golden sword  3. azrael pet  4. would create a sword type pet (either with magic def or az skill or an improvement of the auto skill of the original #1 sword pet)   5. Which ever pet is chosen as a base (must be legendary sword or legendary golden sword because only legendary pets should be used as a base) that pet would gain hp+con base boost when fused with demon, or wil+int base when fused with merfolk (as examples). Legendary sword+ demon = fire sword pet for example. The further the pet is fused/merged the better its talent/skills are.

Bear Pet Chains:

1. Legendary brown bear  2. legendary black bear (new pet, has talent magic def +400 as a passive)  3. panda  4. Create a new bear with elvis type hair cut with either a magic def boost or a hp boost (which panda has) or improve the current Polar Bear to provide a frost attack with slows and lowers enemy dodge. Lets say you combine base legendary brown bear pet with a panda, the pet would gain the panda's talent boost, then each time it is merged it will further develop and improve its talent.     5. Unique pet, example: when combined with legendary sword would create a fused talent adding fury and attack damage to the legendary sword pet's auto. All these pets are currently made, and just need to be tweaked, but most importantly balanced.

Pig Chain:

1. Legendary Pig which blocks melee  2. Legendary pig which blocks magic  3. Ryouga pet  4. When merging legendary pig with ryouga you can create a golden pig    5. Produces unique pet depending on the pet you fused base legendary pig with. I like the concept of adding Fire Pig when you fuse with a demon.. so any pet fused with a demon would be fire sword, fire pig, ... which as I have said gains demon's base stats. Any pet fused with merfolk would therefore be water pig, and gain the +wil and +int boosts.. Again, each fusion the base con/str or wil/int would increase REASONABLY!! Like +15 each level after the first fusing which would make the base +80.. so lvl 1 is +80, level 2 fusing is +95 then +110 etc...


So all pets #4 are the same species while all pets #5 will produce a unqiue pet. Not all pets need to merge with all pets, you can make rules to which can be merged to which. The point is to not to create pets which are so so so over powered it creates an unbalance in the community. This is the time to really balance the pets that are already created.

I can create more chains, but I hope you see the pattern. All original pets like red dragons, sword, bears etc will have its own progression. Each original pet can be bread with itself to create its optimal bread's pet.. a fairy can be merged to create a harpy, or a bear can be merged to create a super elvis bear (or a better idea lol). When fusing with another species these pets will produce unique types of pets. Allue has provides a great list of ideas in other posts. Further, when fused with a demon, merfolk, lion pet the base pet will gain either their base stat (+80 boosts to base skills or gain a better version of lion's talent).

Creating a chart using my 1-5 formula could make it easy for all players of all levels to create a new pet. So when you combine the original (only legendary pets) with its #2-3 it would add the skill to the original pet. When you merge a pet say legendary pig with #3 ryouga pig, it would destroy the base pet but produce a new pet with all the same skils and same level the pets (which can only merge if they are the same level). When a pet is fused with a pet outside of its species such as in #5 it would also require the pets to be equal level and carry over the skills from the base pet but destory the lesser of the two pet (like sword vs. demon, the demon would be destroyed). HOPEFULLY WHEN LAKOO MAKES DG EASIER, MORE DEMONS AND MERFOLKS WILL BE OUT THERE, MAKING THIS PROCESS NOT SUCH A LOSS. Having demons and merfolks available it would be easy to make them a disposibile pets. And would make lakoo money because one would have to level the pet to the same level as the base pet's level.. If the base pet is lvl55, then one would need to make the demon lvl55 before it can be fused, if both are lvl20 pets then the pet would need to be level'd anyways.


The concept that merging or pet fusions will fail a % of a time, is totally unacceptable. It would be like str'ing process whereby you need the base pet + the secondary pet + alchemy item to create a new pet.

So there is my 5$ worth of suggestions.. The goal should not be to create a super pet that no1 can beat like the current harpi pet, but rather just improving the current set of pets. The idea should not be to create absurdly strong pets but to improve each pet that way a player would want... either merge #1 with 1-3 creating a #4 same species or fusing a based #1 pet with another species to produce a brand new type of pet which will carry anything from its talent/skill to its base stats to create a new pet altogether. Having pets that are better than others is how the game is set up already, some pets are just better but there should not be any elite super elite pets made by fusing/merging for many reasons. One is the unbalance it creates among top players, one is that it furthers the gap between new and older players, it creates pvp havok, it will totally put off players when leveling to know that itll take them 12+ months to even be half as good with their pet. Creating an unbalance shouldnt be the goal, simply providing a new experience and excitment should be. Its okay that elite players can hit fairies with 500 dodge, its okay that demons have high hp but whats not okay is how great that harpy pet is, or how bad the legendary pets like sword/pig are but using these bad pets to create a better version is a good idea.

Here's another example of what you can do to some speicifc pets, combine their skills:

For example when you combine a lobo/merfolk/golden merfolk etc with blue dragon the auto for lobo/merfolk lasts more than 1 round. There are so many good possiblities for new pets, creating a better version of your pets, or making a pet more specific to a players concerns by merging into their own species.. Lobo's are weak but if there auto were to last 2-3 rounds, it would make the pet desirable to certain players. There are so many possbilities of skills, base stats, new pets etc.. that I know you have a lot on your plate at lakoo.


PLAYERS don't want to see insane pets like the current harpy which WILL RUIN THE GAME. My suggestion for the harpy would be merging a legendary fairy which has a t4 with a rare t5 fairy will tranfer the t5 fairy to the legendary fairy.. It would give it a slight boost.... The idea these pets can be combined further is also very exciting.. say you can merge a pet 3 times.. then each time you merge your base (or strengthen) fairy with a t5 fairy it would add 5% attack speed and +25 speed each time... therefore you can create a reasonable pet. Maybe the when a pet has its final upgrade it would end up with +25% speed and +200 base speed. These are resonable boosts... having a 30k hp harpy is not reasonable.



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    Nick Thomson

    Mhmm this is very interesting cots. From what ive seen on HK server i dont think this is how it works but as i cant read chinese so im not sure. What i think the pet merging is based on is more yes merging pets to create a pet with a new look, but is like enchanting souls, cause it adds a skill slot to the pet that gives a good boost to the pet. Im probably wrong so we can see when version 3.2 comes out in the next few weeks. Also what you said abut the harpi pet where you merge two epic fairies to create im not sure about that cause i can only find one harpi in the HK server so i think its a rare pet similar to white zombie in English server.


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    Hi Cots, thanks for your great survey report. To better confirm the problem, we suggest you to write to in-game GM or submit a ticket in via the character with such overpowered harpy or to provide the name/ID of such character. We will forward it to the relevant department to look into the problem. Thank you. Tips: Please do not provide the name of character here on privacy.

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    Andy Wilfer

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