any1 managed to get free gold coins from tapjoy after most recent update?

i dont know if its me or what cos i cant get free gold coins yet again until the most recent update. any1 else face the same problems as me?

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    Lee Cotterill

    I am facing a bigger problem.. not only has tapjoy new apps not rewarding gold, I am crashing when dl'ing tapjoy apps very frequently when running EO at the same time. Not only am I not getting the gold from the application downloaded since 3.1, I am crashing trying to do so.


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    Tapjoy shutting down is an issue I've faced every time there is an update. A solution I discoverd from contacting tapjoy is go to ur settings> safari> and clear ur history and cookie caches ( if ur on an iphone). Then google tapjoy and log into the website. Clearing the history and cookie cache seems to reset tapjoy. This has helped me several times in the past and hope it helps others.

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