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Hello Lakoo lovers!

Summer is great and I wanted to share another idea for a future event.  Freedom and independence are very important concepts and several countries celebrate days of independence during summer months.  I think this would be a fun theme for a summer event :)


The Lord of Chaos has set his sights on conquering Arcadia and only Verdani and her Spirits of Freedom stand between the fair land and utter devastation.  To keep the land free, players must rise up and oppose the Lord of Chaos's armies of oppresion from both land and sea.


To defeat the two-way attack, players need to gather 20 Lanterns from monsters to the Silversmith (NPC) to signal which way the invading armies will come.  Next, talk to General W (NPC) and oppose the undead army of drummer Orcs, soldier Zombies, and soldier Skeletons and kill 30 of each.  Finally, choose easy or hard for the boss fights leading up to a battle with the Lord of Chaos himself.

The easy track consists of just a weakened Lord of Chaos.  The hard Lord of Chaos boss fight consist of 3 minibosses in between waves of minions.  The minibosses are random versions of Abyss, Titan, Dog God, and NY Dragon.  The Lord of Chaos [appearance is Wheel of Fate boss with gladiator helmet and skull shield] is alone but spawns duplicates of the players and their pets randomly to oppose the party.  He is very healthy with high defenses.  He uses spawned duplicates of players and chaoses cross in between rounds.


  • Freedom Set (Lv50 set):
  1. Freedom Sabre [appearance Rose Sword turned into torch] = 1-700 melee weapon damage, 120 hit, +15 element hit; bind effect +750 hp; bind effect 15 curse hit; suit effect 300 melee
  2. Freedom Shield [appearance Rose Shield turned into stone tablet] = 500 armor, +250 hp, bind effect +5% element hit; suit effect +10% curse hit
  • Solider Fashion [appearance red or blue Colonial era suit with Trihorn hat] = 10% regen hp/mp; bind effect 20% pet regen hp/mp
  • Skeleton Suit [appearance Skull for helment and bone armor] = bind effect 20% regen hp/mp and 10% pet regen hp/mp
  • Chaos Set A (Lv35 set) [appearance is Roman gladiator style set]
  1. Chaos Helm = 100 armor, +50 mp, bind effect +100 melee, suit effect +5 curse hit
  2. Chaos Plate = 250 armor, +50 hp, bind effect +100 range, suit effect +5 element hit
  3. Chaos Cape = bind effect +5% curse hit, suit effect 500hp
  • Chaos Set B (Lv35 set) [appearance is Roman gladiator style set]
  1. Chaos Bracer = 50 armor, +50 melee, bind effect +10 element hit, suit effect +5 curse hit
  2. Chaos Pauldron = 150 armor, +5 curse hit, bind effect +100 melee, suit effect +5% element hit
  3. Chaos Greaves = 100 armor, 10% mp, bind effect 150 range, suit effect +20% hp
  • Doomrider Mount [appearance black horse mount with white bones painted on body] = +150 speed, bind effect +10% curse hit, bind effect +250 hp
  • Spirit of Azrael Pet [appearance Azrael minion] = legendary melee pet with CON and INT growth rates, active talent: Wraith Scythe = target column -200 speed, -5% hp, curse based attack, 3 rounds stacking



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