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Rhastar2's idea about making new ranks available for empires gave me a thought.  What if Empire's could build an Empire Fashion Shop within the empire itself?


Each race's fashion shop should have some fashion in common and some race-specific fashion.  Most should be temporary at low levels of the institute for small amounts of copper.  Perhaps upper levels of the building would sell permanent versions for Silver.

You could also add an option to redeem War Badges for random versions of the shop's permanent autobound 20% fashion.


Another idea would be to make some fashion that can be bought only by certain ranked players of the empire.  For example, maybe a General could spend copper for a timelimited version of Warlord Regalia Fashion?


Potential Fashion:

  • Sovereign Emeror Garb (appearaance white robes and golden Are's Helment mask with four tassels from Warlord Cloak) = 20% regen hp/mp; +1000 hp; 7 day timelinit. -- cost 5m, Emperor rank, copper at lv7 Empire Fashion Shop
  • Warlord Regalia Fashion (appearance crimson Avenger Suit with Warlord Cloak/Flag of Winner look) = 30% regen hp/mp; +200 melee; 7 day timelimit. -- cost 1m copper, General rank, at lv6 Empire Fashion Shop
  • Ninja Suit Red (appearance red ninja suit lol) = +100 melee, 5% element/curse hit; 1 day timelimit. -- cost 100k copper, Soldier rank, at lv5 Empire Fashion Shop

Thanks for listening and cheers,


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    I want a wedding dress that is actually white and has a veil. It looks kinda weird if I have avengers helm and a frilly dress lol!

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    The option to create a unique empire fashion

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